Preventing and Hindering People from the Path of God - Common Methods used in Our Time

Blessed Master driving out the Money Suckers from Temple

Surely those who cover up (truth)
and turn people away from the Way of Allah
have strayed far (from the straight path).

~ The Final Testament 4:167

In every age and time there have been common tactics/ methods which are used by satan/ devil (the agent of deception) or by people who cover up truth and who are hypocrite to divert, hinder or prevent others from the Path of God (saddu an sabieli-Llah), the Path of Righteousness.

If you are familiar with the Bible you can see that during the time of Jesus, may God's peace be upon him, it was the priests of the temple, the pharisees, the elite religious establishment - surprisingly who were 'supposedly' in charge of guiding people to truth, to God were the very people who barred and hindered people in the Path of God through their hypocrisy, their deception and falsehood. This is one common factor that in every age, if you are to identify people who mislead and hinder others from the Path of God, you have to first look for them among those who wear the garb of religion, who pose as god-men, people who are great orators and those who are heavily sponsored by mass media, petrodollar money and mega-churches. Hints are openly given about their characteristics in the Quran:

And if you see them, their outer appearance pleases you, and if they speak, you will listen to their speech. [They are] as if they were pieces of wood propped up. They think every shout is against them. They are the enemy, so beware of them. May Allah destroy them! How perverse are they! (Chapter of the Hypocrites, The Qur'an 63:4)

If you look at Christianity today you will find them, if you look at Islam, you will also find them and its true for every other religious traditions as well. And it is for these people true religion of the Heart gets lost and great multitude of people eventually don't want anything to do with Religion, God or Church or Mosque in that matter. These group of con men are the people who hinder, bar and prevent others from the Path of God.

Islam is going through a turbulent period. It is the middle age of Muslim Calendar, we are in our 1400s now. So the great chaos of middle age for this religion is passing over us. And in this confusing time there are those who put on the garb of religion, who pretend to be vanguards of this religion, who seems to know it all, are the very pharisees of Islam as well, the pharisees who are distorting the truth and beauty of the Deen, of the Path. They are told not to create division but to unite, but they do the opposite, they are told to be merciful but they become harsh and bereft of mercy, they are told to be just yet they are corrupt left and right, they are told to be on the side of the oppressed, yet they attend thousand dollar dinner night hosted by the oppressors. We will come back to these so called fake religious people later as how they prevent people from the Path of God. Lets for a moment turn to the other group of people who use a different strategy to bar people from the Path, specially in the time we are living.

The Mantra is Secularism

Secularism by definition was suppose to be a good thing, something to ensure freedom of all, including all thoughts, all opinions, all religions. The first islamic state, Medina was built on a very practical secular idea and well implemented where people of various backgrounds came to live peacefully with full respect and honor for others. But now a days secularism is no longer living upto its lofty standard. Its mostly misused now a days.

There are the people who in the name of secularism wants to destroy every traditional religion and replace it with the man made religion of capitalism and consumerism. For them profit is the only thing that matter no matter what, even if that means killing millions of others to sell weapons. They use media to brain wash people, to create distorted belief system that encourage people to be selfish, to hoard money, to completely destroy everything to do with spiritual and put Money as the only goal of life. They enslave people in a new system and whole mechanism is set in such a way that people are forced to live in sleepwalking mode and who are kept ever busy for the sake of this world.

By definition secularism was meant not to interfere with religion or traditional values of individual, but the idea of secularism is used to destroy religion, traditional and moral values and bombard the society with mass media hypnotism and commercials that 24/7 relentlessly brainwash people to worship the world in millions of forms, be it beauty product, consumer good, electronics, gadgets, food and drinks, alcohol and sex in all its perversity. Looking at the present world, the mass media and how reality is portrayed through the lenses of secularism will confirm this fact that through secularism a very different belief system is allowed to be injected in subtle form which remove everything that has to do with religious teachings, values and norms. That is what the real agenda of secularism - to destroy religion. And those who support secularism are only working in sync with those who are on the mission to barr, prevent and hinder people from the Path of God. Secularism now a days have become anti-religious secularism that has already successfully created this mentality that God and Religion are unfashionable, modern man dont necessarily talk or think about them, instead gadgets, latest fashion accessories and models have been injected in the mind through mass media. That is where secularism takes man to. It is very much a tool that bar, hinder and prevent people from the Path of God.

Baroness Warsi, Cabinet Minister, UK on Militant Secularism said last year that "militant secularization" taking hold of society could be seen in a number of things- "when signs of religion cannot be displayed or worn in government buildings; when states won't fund faith schools; and where religion is sidelined, marginalised and downgraded in the public sphere .. secularism morphs into intolerance of religion in "denying people the right to a religious identity because they were frightened of the concept of multiple identities".

The problem with secularism needs to be seen in context. The west's historical experience with secularism with the separation of church and state is very different than our present world situation and specially that of the east which have always maintained harmony with religion. But western mode of secularism coupled with the mantra of capitalism and all out championing of consumeristic mentality has taken us to a very different stage which needs to be carefully looked at and critically analyzed with vision for the greatest good of humanity. In fact it wont be a wrong statement to say that Secularism has already moved into a stage where it has become a new religion with its ideology, agenda and preaching of its superiority. So to my personal understanding, and I might well be wrong, Secularism, in its misuse mode, is one of the most used contemporary tool that hinder, prevent and bar people from the Path of God. Unfortunately the misuse mode has become prevalent in our age in the disguise of ubiquitous secularism mantra.

Those who champion secularism are the new money changers of our time, they are the new money suckers and money/ golden calf worshipers of this age

So called Religious People who Hinder others from the Path of God

I am not very familiar in the history of what really happened in the west in the last 30 or 50 years during the time when the words 'Religion' and 'God' has become taboo words if you are suppose to prove yourself as a progressive, open minded, well-read, intelligent member of the society or for example in the academic arena or in the scientific community. Its as if religion is for the village idiots, less educated, emotion fool class where as being anti-religious and agnostic or atheist is the 'only valid' mark of a modern man.

Never the less, the people who represent religion, those who have all the support and sponsors to speak for the religion within the religious establishment have certainly did great disservice. In fact it seems that many of these people have forgotten and perhaps never knew or tasted the religion of the heart and hence chosen to stick to such a kind of mindset and language which instead of attracting, have actually alienated people from anything to do with religion, its truth and its beauty. There are many variants and example that can be given, but I will stick to a particular tendency which came to my attention once again in recent time. This tendency has to do with destroying affinity, love and reverence for the founder of the religion and thus reducing religion to a set of mechanical response and disconnecting it with love and heart.

Recently someone asked me a question in my inbox which can be paraphrased as this:

One of the main differences I have observed between the Spiritual orders within religious traditions & the neo-reformist ideologies is on the reality of our beloved Prophet.

While the neo-reformist section claims that our Prophet was no more than a human messenger who is no more & can no longer help people, the various Spiritual orders (tareeqa) elevate our prophet & other saints (awliyas) to a different level.

... I have heard quite often about the claims that our Prophet is Noor (Divine Light) & that he was the first to be created & everything else was created from that Noor etc etc. That our prophet can help people by the permission of Allah etc. They also attribute the "helping" nature or the power to recommend/pray for the saints/ friends of God/awliyas also.

So what is the reality here?

Now what the questioner asked regarding the insistence of the neo-reformists who teach and preach that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, was no more than a human messenger, he was like other human being - is a character traits of those people who fall in the category of those who bar, prevent and hinder people from the Path of God.

Even though they might come up with careful, logical and analytical reasoning behind their claim to scrap the hearts of believers from love for the Prophet, no matter how great orator they may be with hundreds upon hundreds of ready references in their hand which all apparently appear to valid their point, yet these people are bereft of mercy and wants others to be bereft of the same.

"And if you see them, their outer appearance pleases you, and if they speak, you will listen to their speech." (Quran)

Before I go into the specific response on the haqiqat of the Messenger of Allah, the reality of his praised and lofty maqam (station) which is praised by none other but the Lord Himself, I would like to share here just the basic of how this kind of neo-reformist, progressive or wahhabi or salafi kind of view point is a trap to destroy people's Deen (Way, Path, Religion) along with their iman or faith.

A Parable

"Verily I am like a father to you."
- Hadith of the Prophet

"I am closer to the believers than their own selves" (Qur'an, 33:6)

A child was born to loving parents. The parents were very wise and they not only fed him and nourish him with food but also taught him beautiful manners, politeness and good character. They gave him love and since love is self-communicative and you get it from those who have it, love was implanted in the heart of the child, so he loved his parents very dearly.

With years the child grew to young age and one day both the parents died. The child kept remembering his parents and to him they were like no other parents, they were not like any other random human being. His love, his devotion and his respect for his parents were so great that everyday he prayed for parents, every week he would visit their resting place and pray for their soul and continue to ask their blessings from the invisible realm. The blessings continued to flow from behind the veiled world.

Now if someone comes and become jealous of this child's love for his parents, what he or she will do? First thing that this devilish person will suggest is to tell him, 'Look, your parents were just like any other human being. They were nothing more than another married who out of their sexual desire made love and begot you. This devotion, respect and love business are all bogus. They were just human beings.'

That is the thing. Whenever the misguided people wanted to destroy love from the heart, they came up with the same logic. Its not a new tendency.

Whenever any Messenger presented truth to their people, those who were bent on covering up the truth, their first argument was, "you are nothing but a human being like us." (26:154) The same tendency runs through the so called religious people who have not tasted the religion of heart and have not become mu'min (faithful lovers) and they respond to the nisbat (connection) of faithfuls with the same foolishness, arguing that the Messenger was no more than a human messenger.

Yes he was a human being, but he was not all that. His outwardness must not stop us from honoring his immense station with Allah, his maqam al-mahmuda and we will never reach even near to his inward nobility unless we know that inwardly he is the noor.

We make no discrimination among God's Messengers

Even though the context is the Last Prophet, yet the method of hindering and preventing people from the Path of God, be it in the path shown by Jesus or the path shown by Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them all- the method is to make the Messenger irreverent and eventually irrelevant. And guess what, when you can make the Messenger irrelevant and there is no living nisbat (connection) with him, then what you end up is a dead religion, with a mechanical religion where the heart and soul has dried and died.

That is what happened with Christianity. When you have made his teachings forgotten, when you have made him less remembered (for example now in the West Santa Claus is more remembered than who really Jesus was, or for adults, its the Pope and Priests with wrong doings are mentioned more in the media that Jesus Christ himself, Christmas is more synonymous to shopping and sales than celebrating the glory of the glorious Christ) then you no longer taste the fragrance of Christ, you no longer feel the love. And slowly with one generation to next, you reduce the religion into a joke when eventually Churches are sold to convert them into bars and nightclubs, God forbid.

Same thing is starting to happen in Islam if Muslims dont see where its coming from. Its coming from within. The hypocrites within Muslims who might well be unaware of their hypocritical tendencies are working towards that goal of destroying the heart and soul of Islam, which is the irreplaceable loyalty, reverence, honoring and loving the Holy Prophet, the Messenger, the Habib, the Rahmatallil Alamin, the Intercessor, the Hope.

How do you recognize these people? There are many characteristics, but some are super obvious. Instead of focusing on the qualities of the heart, instead of focusing on love, beauty, nobility, generosity, they will focus on all sorts of negativity including negative innovation or bida. In fact such people are obsessed with bida.

They think every shout is against them. (The Qur'an 63:4)

Secondly they are afraid of love, they hate any outward manifestation of love and devotion. Thus Mawlid or celebration of the Prophet's coming is not good to them, remembering the Prophet on any occasion is not liked by them, any historical traces of that has to do with the memory of the Prophet and his holy family are disgusted by them, so they hastily destroy them in Mecca and Medina, the two cities of the Prophet, they are suspicious of anything spiritual and anything that has to do with the Heart, they are lovers of money, wealth and power and extravagance of worldliness.

They are the enemy, so beware of them.
May Allah destroy them! How perverse are they! (The Qur'an 63:4

It is a commandment to know them as the enemy and to beware of them, no matter in what disguise they present themselves. If you see them looking down upon honoring the Prophet, leave them, run away from them, no matter how pleasing religious advice may sound on their hipocritical tongues.

When the hypocrites come to you, [O my Habib Mustafa], they say, "We bear witness that you are truly the Messenger of Allah ." And Allah knows that truly you are His Messenger, and Allah bears witness that the hypocrites are liars. They have made their 'faith' as a cover, so they may hinder [others] from the way of Allah . Indeed evil is what they do.  (Chapter of the Hypocrites, The Qur'an 63:1-2)

A Bit of Context and Background

The claim of the so called neo-reformist/ salafis/ wahhabi section who claims that "our prophet was no more than a human messenger who is no more & can no longer help people" - is actually propagated by the Arab governors and their salaried false scholars of Islam amongst the Sunnis (though not all of the Sunni factions).

In particular this is propagated amongst the oil rich kingdoms. And by those Sunnis who claim they are fighting to re-establish the Khilafa on this earth. Recently by the Arab communist who are operating secretively under the cloak of Islamic militancy.

They ALL have a good reason to propagate this falsehood: To elevate themselves in the eyes of the people they subjugate, by lowering the status of the Prophet and his noble family, peace be upon collectively. And it has successfully worked (for them)! (Credit the Sufi Notes Group)

Next Post InshaAllah

In the next post, by Allah's Will, I wish to share an exclusive post on the Haqiqat of the Messenger and for which I will translate mostly from the works of Alhajj Maulavi Sufi Habibur Rahman, may Allah bless him who was the Khalifa of Peer of Furfura Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddqui. May Allah grant us the ability to honor and praise our Prophet which is worthy of the divinely praised station and we are commanded to praise and honor him as does the celestial realm and its inhabitants.

Thousands and millions of benediction and salutation of peace to the Message Bearer of Light. Haqq Mawla!

Allahumma salle ala Saiyadena Muhammad
an-noor al-anwar, wa sirr al-asrar, Saiyyad al-abrar.

''O' Allah shower Thy Blessings upon our Beloved Prophet Muhammad
who is the light of light and the mystery amongst the mysteries and the leader of the excellents.''

Sadiq M Alam
Dhaka, 2013



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Technology of the Heart: Preventing and Hindering People from the Path of God - Common Methods used in Our Time
Preventing and Hindering People from the Path of God - Common Methods used in Our Time
In every age and time there have been tactics/ methods which are used by satan/ devil (the agent of deception) or by people who cover up truth and who are hypocrite to divert, hinder or prevent others from the Path of God (saddu an sabieli-Llah), the Path of Righteousness. This post is about the Most Common Methods used in Our Time to Hinder people from the Path of God. Post by Sadiq M. Alam of Technology of the Heart (
Technology of the Heart
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