Dua e Habibi | Qum Qum Ya Habibi Kam Tanam / Get up my beloved, how is it that you sleep?

Painting by Italian Painter Filippo Palizzia - 'Sleeping Shepherd and His Dog'

In the name of God the Merciful, the Benevolent بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Get up my beloved, how is it that you sleep? قم قم يا حبيبي كم تنام
Qum-Qum Ya Habibi Kam Tanam
It is strange for the lover how can he sleep! عجبا للمحب كيف ينام
Ajabal-lil-Muhibbe Kaifa Yanam
The Seeker of the Garden does not sleep طالب الجنه لا ينام
Talabil Jannati la Yanam
The Creator of the night does not sleep خالق الليل لا ينام
Khaliqul-Laile la Yanam
The Creator of cosmos does not sleep خالق الخلق لا ينام
Khaliqul-Khuluqi la Yanam
Get up my beloved, how is it that you sleep? قم قم يا حبيبي كم تنام
Qum-Qum Ya Habibi Kam Tanam
The Throne and the Footstool do not sleep العرش والكرسي لا ينام
Al-Arsho wal-Kursi la Yanam
The Tablet and the Pen do not sleep   اللوح والقلم لا ينام
Al-Lauho wal-Qalamo la Yanam
The Kingdom of God does not sleep كل الملكوت لا ينام
Kullul Malakuti la Tanam
Get up my beloved, how is it that you sleep? قم قم يا حبيبي كم تنام
Qum-Qum Ya Habibi Kam Tanam
The sun and the moon do not sleep الشمس والقمر لا ينام
Ash-Shamso wal-Qamaro la Yanam
The earth and the heaven do not sleep الارض والسماء لا ينام
Al-Ardo was-Samao la Yanam
The star and the tree do not sleep النجم والشجر لا ينام
An-Najmo wash-Shajaro la Yanam
The land and the ocean do not sleep البر والبحر لا ينام
Al-Barro wal-Bahro la Yanam
The Garden and the Fire do not sleep الجنه والنار لاينام
Al-Jannato wan-Naro la Yanam
The paradisal companions and the cup bearers
do not sleep
الحور والقصور لا ينام
Al-Hooro wal-Qusooro la Yanam
Get up my beloved, how is it that you sleep? قم قم يا حبيبي كم تنام
Qum-Qum ya Habibi Kam Tanam
The bird and the beast do not sleep الطير والوحش لا ينام
At-Tairo wal-Wahsho la Yanam
The Seeker of the Friend does not sleep طالب المولي لا ينام
Taalibul-Maula la yanam
The lover and the beloved do not sleep العاشق والمعشوق لا ينام
Al-Aashiqo wal-Maashooqo la Yanam
Passion and love do not sleep العشق والمحبه لا ينام
Al-Ishqo wal Muhabbato la Yanam
The night and the day do not sleep الليل والنهار لا ينام
Al-Lailo wan-Nahaaro la Yanam
The Kindness and Favors of the Friend do not sleep نعم المولي والكرام لا ينام
Ne'mal-Maula wal-Ikraamo la Yanam
Get up my beloved, how is it that you sleep? قم قم يا حبيبي كم تنام
Qum-Qum ya Habibi Kam Tanam
Adam, God's Chosen one, does not sleep ادم صفي الله لا ينام
Aadamo Safiullahe la Yanam
Abraham, God's Friend, does not sleep ابراهيم خليل الله لا ينام
Ibrahimo-Khalilullahe la Yanam
Moses, to whom God Speaks, does not sleep موسي كليم الله لا ينام
Moosa-Qaleemullahe la Yanam
Jesus, God's Spirit, does not sleep عيسي روح الله لا ينام
Eisa Roohullahe la Yanam
Muhammad, God's Messenger does not sleep محمد رسول الله لا ينام
Muhammad Rasoolullahe La Yanam
Awake, Awake my beloved, how is it that you sleep? قم قم يا حبيبي كم تنام
Qum-Qum ya Habibi Kam Tanam
I bear witness that there is none to be worshiped except Allah, the One, Who has no Partner اشهد ان لا اله الا الله وحده لا شريك له
Ashhadu anna La ilaha illa Allahu Wahdahu la Sharika laHu
I bear witness that Muhammad
is His Surrendered Servant and Message Bearer
واشهد ان محمد عبده ورسوله
Washhadu anna Muhammadan
'Abduhu wa Rasuluhu
Allah bless him and give him peace. صلى الله عليه وسلم
Sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam

- Original Arabic text is known as Dua-e-Habibi, author is unknown

Thanks to Sidi Abu Faydan (Muhammad Harun Riedinger) of Karachi for his help with the English translation and Sister Samreen Mukhtar for sending the name and providing the transliteration. May Allah reward them both.

“Bismika Rabbee wada‘tu jambee wabika arfa‘uh, fa’in amsakta nafsee farhamhaa, wa’in arsaltahaa fahfadhhaa bimaa tahfadhu bihee ‘ibaadakas-saaliheen.”

“In Your name O Allah, I lay my side and in Your name I raise it. If you keep my soul, give it Your Loving Mercy, and if You release it, care for it as You care for Your righteous servants.”
- Supplication of the Prophet before sleep

In this creation of the Most Exalted Creator, the inner and the outer is intermingled. What the truth conveys in the inner is also reflected in the outer. If we want to be awakened (another word for enlightenment, to have a luminous heart and soul), which happens on the most inner or subtle level of our being - it also demands that on the outer level one must be awake.

And this being awake must happen against the natural tide through struggle (jihad), that is against the natural tendency of sleeping during the precise time when for common people it is time for sleep. To be awake at night literally, is the first degree for attaining awakening internally. That is why keeping night vigil, waking up at night and standing or sitting for prayer and meditation is an universal method prescribed in every tradition for those who seek enlightenment.

Qumil-Layla - Keep night vigils - instructs God in the Quran (73:2)

To have a heart ever awake is a goal of those who wishes to be luminaries among humanity.

My eyes sleep, but my heart never sleeps.
- Saying of Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him, give him peace and help us reach his Path

May God forgive us for our slumberness, most importantly our slumber of heedlessness and help us in rising in the nights which is preserved for remembering the Beloved. May God replace our sleeping hearts with a heart which is ever awake. Ameen O Most Generous Giver!

Verily, getting up at night (for prayer) is the most effective means of subduing (one's carnal self, nafs), and the most upright way to acquire firm control over one's action and speech.
~ Quran, Surah al-Muzzammil, 73, 6

Keep the Dhikr (Divine Remembrance) when people are asleep.
- Advice of the Sufis

# Further:
* Sleep from an Islamic perspective
* To die/ to sleep: Tafsir of Surah 39, Verse 42
* The ears are active during sleep
* Prophet's Guidance regarding sleep
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Technology of the Heart: Dua e Habibi | Qum Qum Ya Habibi Kam Tanam / Get up my beloved, how is it that you sleep?
Dua e Habibi | Qum Qum Ya Habibi Kam Tanam / Get up my beloved, how is it that you sleep?
Technology of the Heart
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