Vision & Mission of a Person of Faith

A human being who wish to realize his or her human potential and purpose - towards achieving that realized and fully lived life - should have a vision and a mission. One who have faith in God, in God's Kingdom, in the Eternal Life of the Hereafter and Judgement of God can not simply live out their lives only on hollow premise of money, earning and all the gross stuff of life. Such hollow life style measure and trade time with money and money alone, whereas in reality, time is life and life is time. When we run our life with the mantra that time is money, that is a dishonor and disrespect to our precious human existence and the very statement that time is money has become a vicious indoctrination mantra of a godless materialistic life style.

We can not possibly best utilize our time on earth if we do not have any vision and mission about what this God-gifted life is all about. Those who can not think anything else about life and time of life except in monetary value, they are highly likely to waste their potential here and there is a heavy price to pay in the hereafter because all that is in the heaven and earth is not created in vain and neither is the gift of human existence.

Once we realize our vision and mission as a person of faith, then however we live out life, it offers plenty of opportunities to achieve realization - no matter what we choose or what life choose for us. Once we realize our vision and mission as a person of faith, then whatever we do in life, becomes purposeful.

A Person of Faith in the context of this article is anyone, no matter what religion they were born into, no matter what culture they are from - it means anyone who believe in God and the Last Days. A Person of Faith is a person who has the reasonable intelligence to understand that he or she was not his or her own creator and the tremendously balanced creation is Created by an Intelligent Being Who is beyond comprehension. The definition or picture of that God or Higher Power may differ or he/she may not call it by the notion of a Personal God - that doesnt limit a person to be qualified as a Person of Faith because just like incredible diversity of human beings, faith comes in many different color and hues.


So what is that Vision? Each person of faith depending on their orientation, cultural exposure and subjective worldview may have differences in linguistics about the Vision, but in broad sense, this vision is this:

To Enter into the Primordial Garden

To Return to the Original Home

To Enter into the Original State of Bliss

To Reside again at the Paradisal Garden

To Enter into the Permanent State of Nirvana, Highest Plane of Consciousness

To Enter into Jannah

To Enter into the Swarga Lok (Good Kingdom, Paradise of Bliss)

If we understand that as God is one, humanity is one and hence the Dharma or Religion of Man can only be one - which only later on got distorted and divided and different culture gave rise to different cultures around religious thoughts (wrongly calling them religions, whereas in truth, Religion of Man can only be singular) - then we will come to appreciate that regardless how we lost the truth in various cultures and languages across time, the timeless essential truth remains the same.

So the long VISION is to return back to the Primordial Garden, the Original Home of Man. That Abode is the Abode of Bliss, Peace and Celebration of Divine Glory.

That is the VISION of the Person of Faith who understand that this consciousness that we are experiencing in this temporal body will continue and as we will inevitably come to shed this body, so shall we take on another existence in another plane and the ultimate plane is known in various culture, language and terminology as Paradise, Jannah.

To use the language of consciousness, this is the state of highest consciousness. To use God centric language, it is the state where Divine Mercy and Love is limitless and one is infused in it without any resistance and hence the highest state of bliss. The opposite of this state is where its totally cutoff from Divine Mercy and Love, hence the highest state of suffering, and that state is known as Hell.

The VISION of a Person of Faith is to enter the Garden of Bliss while avoiding the State of Hell.


Skeptics and cynics will say, OK so thats all old religion talk. Heaven and Hell - we have dealt with that language for long enough time. What's the point?

There is a practical implication of the above described VISION and that is once we form that VISION, once we have it vividly in front of our consciousness, then we may start to live our life on earth, in this very life as a Person of Paradise. Then we can take on the characteristics of a Person of Paradise.

Shams e Tabriz was the famous spiritual master of Mevlana Rumi. And Shams teaches us:

“Let me tell you about the qualities of the people of Paradise. Let me also tell you the sign of the people of Hell.

Whomever you see who has a beautiful temperament and a beautiful face, if his/her words are straight forward, if he/she is open-hearted, and if he prays for good things for everyone, a joy of heart comes from the speech of such a person. He/she makes you forget the anxieties and tightness of this universe; your inside opens in such a way that even if he/she swears at you, you laugh. Maybe, when he speaks of unity . . . you weep, but [in that moment] you feel a hundred thousand joys and laughter within yourself.

Such a person is a being of Paradise.

There is also a kind of person who drinks blood; there is a coldness on his face and in his words that only bring you anxiety. His words repell you, rather than being warming like the speech of the joyful human being. Well, such a person is a devil, a person of Hell.

Now, whoever has realized such a secret behaves accordingly ...”

So a Person of Paradise is a Person of Peace, Harmony, Beauty, Goodness, Kind Words, Joyfulness, Laughter, Unity. So once we embody the VISION of Paradise as where we should aspire to belong to when we shed this body, when our consciousness shifts into another plane - then we should strive to take on those qualities in every moment of our fleeting life.

Then we will strive to walk on this earth already as a Person of Paradise, as Human Being already worthy of the Kingdom of God, for if we fail to become worthy to Enter the Kingdom while alive, how can we hope to achieve that when we are dead? Our best chances are Here and Now. From this moment onwards lets strive to become a Person of Paradise. Whether it be relationship, our work, our transactions in the world, our dealings with others - in every sphere of life we may have this VISION reflected where we increasingly become a Person of Paradise.

And we should do our best to avoid and shun everything that is the opposite, everything that makes us possible candidate of the state of Hell, God forbid.


Once we align ourselves to the VISION, then aligning the MISSION is easy. Then the MISSION is to be a witness of truth, no matter in what form or shape it offers itself. Our ability to recognize truth from falsehood sharpen by the invisible substance called FAITH. And when a person is has awakened faith, then he or she is called to SERVICE.

For a Person of Faith then the MISSION is to serve the Kingdom of God, to serve all members of the Kingdom of God ie. all sentient being and particularly all human beings. And this serving become most spontaneous, organic and natural when it is done with LOVE.

Each Human Being is created with a Divine Blueprint which is innate and part of his or her being. To discover this Blueprint one does not need culture or religious indoctrination but a curiosity and an exploration of what is within. This Blueprint is present to all human being, and the more then are willing to explore what is within, the more exposed are they to this Blueprint. And MISSION become a successful MISSION when one discover that Blueprint and listen to the Inner Inspirations that burst forth from that Blueprint. Each human being who is fortunate enough to be able to look within, who has the capacity to contemplate and think, can eventually discover that Blueprint. This is his or her natural state and being a child of the nature, if he or she comes back to his own Nature he or she realizes that he or she is an inheritor of the Divine Nature.

Man's mission has both individual component where he /she is concerned about his or her own freedom, salvation and nirvana. He/she also has another greater component where he/she is concerned about the society, about the entire human race. Thus in every age, the most awakened human being were concerned about the greater good of society, of human race.

The MISSION of man also has to do with the CUSTODIANSHIP of earth and its affairs. We have forgot that Man in greater sense is a custodian on behalf of God on earth, and that forgetfulness is the root cause of our unmindful destruction of life, nature and everything. The great position of Man comes with a great sense of responsibility and that responsibility is due to Man's custodianship. Man and Woman are Custodian of his family, responsible for the children then together bring into the world. Responsible for the Company or Work they engage in. On individual level, the responsibility of CUSTODIANSHIP is reflected in becoming minimalist, in turning away from every excess and over consumption. The responsibility towards our planet earth, towards nature, towards environment, towards workplace, towards governance, towards transaction of wealth, towards family and children become misaligned if we don't have the VISION in the first place.


* Being a Person of Paradise

* The Dimensions and Reality of Death and beyond

* The Magic of Believing (Audio Book via Youtube)



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Technology of the Heart: Vision & Mission of a Person of Faith
Vision & Mission of a Person of Faith
A human being who wish to realize his or her human potential and purpose - towards achieving that realized and fully lived life - should have a vision and mission.
Technology of the Heart
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