To Contemplate Death - Ami to Morey Jabo, Choley Jabo, Rekhe Jabo Shobi

That Magnificent Creator!

He brings forth the living out of the dead,
and brings the dead out of the living.

~ The Qur'an

Someone in a sufi group had a dream and in that dream came the instruction from the unseen world that when they gather in weekly gathering they should regularly contemplate on death.

It was a very appropriate instruction. Praise be to the One and Only Guide who transmit His Guidance in many ways, via many channel, through many voices and faces. For Sufis, death is not the end, it is not something to be forgotten as much as possible with materialism and material fulfilment, but it is the doorway of eternal life, the door beyond which lies the promised Intimacy of the Gardener and His soul quenching Garden of Truth.

Allah Almighty says, "Every self will taste death. You will be paid your wages in full on the Day of Rising. Anyone who is distanced from the Fire and admitted to the Garden, has triumphed. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of delusion," (Qur'an 3:185)

"Everyone is going to taste death, and We shall make a trial of you with evil and with good, and to Us you will be returned." (Quran 21:21)

Death is the absolute certainty in life. It is the sure return journey to the Source Who gives existence from nothing, the Fashioner, the Maker, One Who Creates and then guides the creation. Since death is one of those certain truth in life, contemplation of death is highly recommended.

Contemplation of death is one of the most effective spiritual practice who believe in God and in the World of Unseen (al-ghayb) or Divine Kingdom. The Messenger of God said: "Remember frequently the thing that cuts off pleasures (ie. death)."

"O you who believe! Do not let your wealth or children (ie. worldly life, the samsara) divert you from the remembrance of Allah. Whoever does that is lost. Give from what We have provided for you before death comes to one of you and he says, 'O Lord, if only you would give me a little more time so that I can give charity and be one of the righteous.' Allah will not give anyone more time, once their time has come. Allah is aware of everything you do." (63:9-11)

In our strange time dominated by materialism death is preferred to be forgotten, where as Sacred Traditions speaks of a different attitude towards death.

Almost all spiritual tradition teaches that the moment of death is very precious time and one must depart this world with as much mindfulness as possible, so much so that they may witness the highest truth in full consciousness. Death is to be accepted with full acceptance for this is inevitable and only the kind of person who is aware of death, who have accepted it in totality will be blessed to have a peaceful departure with hope and longing for the Beloved Lord who promised infinite forgiveness and never ending mercy to those who have hope and trust in Him.

"Remember frequently the destroyer of pleasures (death)." ~ Sacred Tradition of Islam

Following are the lyrics of a popular folk sufi song of Bangladesh where the realized author of the song speaks quite eloquently the reality of death in a life surrounded by worldly drama.

ami to morey jabo choley jabo
rekhe jabo shobi
achos ni keu songer shati

songhe ni keu jabi

morar songhey songhey

porey jabey kanna katar bhir
keuba morey mati ditey hoibe osthir

amae dibey mati
bhul truti cheye nebe khoma
bari eshe khoj koribey
kon banke ki joma

ami morey jabo

rekhey jabo duniar shompod
ai shompod deke anbey

bipod ar apod

shompod bhager jonno mon malinno
jhogra shutropat
ekjon korbey arekjon ke

opoman aghat

bhalo monder uparjone

gora e shongshar
ora pap punner dhar dharena
shudhu ongshidar

ami morar porey hishab korey
dibey paper bojha
anontokal boibo ami 
amar paper shaja

ganer chondey mon anondey
matha julau taley
bujhli na jey ondho manush

likhokey ki boley

sobar hatey dhori paye pori

bedhey nao shaman
mohonto koi parer ghatey

voyonkor nidan

ami to morey jabo choley jabo
rekhe jabo shobi
achos ni keu songer shati
songhe ni keu jabi
I will surely die and depart from this world
leaving behind it all,
Is there a single friend of mine
who is willing to accompany me?

Immediate after my death there will be
huge cry and lamenting
someone will be anxious to bury me quickly

They will burry me away
and ask for forgiveness on my behalf
on returning from cemetery
they will enquire about my bank balances

I will die
leaving behind my worldly wealth
and this very wealth will invite
all kinds of troubles

distribution of wealth will become
the cause for disharmony and quarrel
For it one will hit
and humiliate the other

This earnings with blood and sweat
they care not right or wrong
only inheritance
is what concerns them

After my death
divine scale will set up
alas for eternity I alone will face
my judgment

At this very moment you
may be enjoying this music and tunes
but not realizing the message
of what the writer is saying

This poet earnestly beg to all
please pickup your capital for the real journey
for at next threshold beyond life
the trials are absolutely terrifying

I will surely die and depart from this world
leaving behind it all
Is there a single friend of mine
who is willing to accompany me?

Lyric & Tune: Abdus Satter Mohonto 
Translation from Bangla to English by Sadiq M. Alam

** LISTEN TO THIS SONG via YOUTUBE (Click here) **

About the Lyricist ABDUS SATTER MOHONTO:

This song was written and put to music by Abdus Sattar Mohonto, Allah bless his soul, who was a renowned mystic poet and Baul singer of Bangladesh. He has many disciples who admire him as a spiritual guide. He composed lyrics and music of many popular Baul songs which are known and sung by Baul singers with reverence all over Bangladesh. Some of his lyrics were also sung by different musical bands and solo singers making them popular nationwide. His spiritual Guru was Kodom Ali Mostan, Allah be pleased with him, of Bikrampur.

Abdus Sattar Mohonto was born at Village Kurigaon of Louhajang Upazila in Munshigonj District in 1942. This area is a part of historical Bikrampur which is the home of many illustrious sons of Bengal. He was the fourth son of Golam Ali Bepary and Soburonnesa who were well-known for their piety and devotion to spiritual music.

Abdus Sattar Mohonto initiated singing spiritual songs in the shrine of Kodom Mostan from his early childhood. With the miraculous advice of Kodom Mostan, he began to play music with the harmonium. Since then his devotion to spiritual music took him to a newer height making him an extra ordinary singer and composer. His lyric and tune touch the soft cords of the devotees making them shed tears profusely in love of Allah, His prophets and friends. Some of his popular songs are, 'Amito More Zabo', 'Vobo Nattya Rongomonche', 'Dar Khule Dao Doyal Ami', 'Ore O Matir Manush', 'Zoutuk Protha Bondho koro', 'Rickshawala koiya aamgo gali diona', etc. He was an enlisted singer of Bangladesh Betar and Television respectively since 1978 and 1987.

His songs always vibrates in the hearts of his followers as vigilant spiritual guides. It takes the audience to a transcendental realm. He has also written many songs for creating social awareness which inspire people to dismantle disparity and social evils such as dowry system, unplanned population growth etc. His songs preach the message of universal humanity with the ultimate objective of reunion with the creator in love. This saintly singer breathed his last on the 31st March 2013. His tomb is located at Kodompur in Keranigonj which is a reverend place for the spiritual music loving people. (Bio credit)



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Technology of the Heart: To Contemplate Death - Ami to Morey Jabo, Choley Jabo, Rekhe Jabo Shobi
To Contemplate Death - Ami to Morey Jabo, Choley Jabo, Rekhe Jabo Shobi
Translation in English of the popular folk baul song "Ami to Morey Jabo, Choley Jabo, Rekhe Jabo Shobi" of mystic poet and baul Abdus Sattar Mohonto (1942-2013) of Bangladesh
Technology of the Heart
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