Parable of Light: Glimpse and Moments Shared from Diary of a Spiritual Seeker

We begin in the Name of Allah, the sole illumination of heavenly planes and earthly realms


Our existence as well as the entire cosmos is imbued with parables and symbols. The landscape of the mystic way carries these deep parables which often transcend beyond our ideas of the beyond. About the landscape of the mystical way, Sheikh Nur al-Jerrahi, may Allah bless his soul, wrote in his book, "Atom from the Sun of Knowledge,"

"Opaque curtains, translucent veils, clear windows, open doors, bright mirrors, brilliant lamps, windowless and doorless barriers that open mysteriously, bridges of radiance over precipices and oceans.. narrow path of moonlight, breams of radiance emanating from the breast of holy beings on moonless nights, angels of Light, ladders and stairways of Light - these are the landscape of the mystic way. Spiritual travelers encounter these forms of Light, which take form temporarily and change form instantly, as they transverse the infinite dimensions of the unified field of Light in bodies of Light drawn to the single goal of Light.

All existence, as the hidden depth of the Glorious Quran reveals most mysteriously, is the Light of Allah within the Light of Allah, the nurun ala nur. The cry of the soul is therefore, "Light, light, more light, and only light." The Light of Allah is the illumination of heaven and earth, the only medium of awareness and being, the sustenance of souls. All creation longs for Light and evolves toward Light. We are fish swimming in the ocean of Light, birds flying in the sky of Light. The insubstantial shadows of negation are cast only by the single Light of Affirmation. Atomic structure of matter, molecular structures of life, linguistic structures of culture, and ecstatic structures of spiritual vision are complexities that consist only of Light and subsist only within the essential simplicity of Divine Light. 

All beings in the vast theater of Divine Creation are waiting for the curtain to rise, revealing the ultimate stage of Light. The whole universe is poised, waiting for the call of Light. The lovers of Truth are deep in prayer, waiting for the smile of Light."

We give glorious praises to Allah, Who absolutely transcends what any finite being can conceive or describe. We are truly blessed that such gift of raising of the curtain is gifted upon some of us, to those sincere beings who's prayerful heart has experienced divine nearness in a state of complete freedom of surrender in God. In this post we are honored to share a delightful experience shared by a seeker of Truth. I hope and pray that this sharing bring much inspiration to our hearts. 

The people of realized faith, their soul's light will race before them on the Day of Grace, emerging from the right side of their being. - Quran 66:8

Diary of  glimpse and moments shared with the Parable of Light 


In the name of Allah, the Beloved, the Most Merciful and the Most Beautiful, The Light

Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth,
The parable of His Light is as if there was a niche,
And within it a Lamp: The Lamp enclosed in Glass;
The glass as it were a brilliant star;
Lit from a blessed Tree, An Olive, neither of the East nor of the West, Whose oil is well-nigh luminous, though fire scarce touched it; Light upon Light! Allah doth set forth parables for men: and Allah doth know all things.

- Surah 24:35 An Nur (The Light)
(Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'an, 1989)

It was the year beginning and a sacred month of Muharram was passing. A sorrowful heart that I carried for things undone, things going way out of hand at home, alone. I felt tired. On this day after a weeklong staying indoors, I shared my joys, sorrows and madness of work with my Sweet Uncle, who is a kindred hearted spiritual elder for me. I requested him for a Chirag (an eastern lamp) he brought from Ajmer Sharif, the perfumed resting place of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, may Allah be pleased with him. He added some gifts, a bundle of incense and attar (perfume) telling me to use them during Maghrib (the sunset prayer) before I pray.

I came home with some confidence and thought I would utter my wish when I kindle the candle and say to Lord what He wishes me to say! Just before the Maghrib, I gathered myself and sat. I told the girl at home to recite Darood-e Ibrahim until she goes for prayers. I sat with the Chirag by my side and started reciting Darood e Ibrahim. O, it is the very Darood- e Ibrahim that seems long but fills you with a longing when your own ears listen to it.

I felt as I do, a nice thought, our Habib told us to utter them. When I utter the holy names - Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam) and Ibrahim (alahis salam), I feel drawn to them.

As I started reciting and listening, a vision descended upon me. My heart glimpsed the exchange of glances between them when Father Ibrahim (alaihis salam) was leaning against the wall of the Holy Mosque up in the sky! That he was being looked at by our Habib (sallalahu alaihis salam) who thought how the two of them looked similar! I closed my eyes and lit the Chirag.

In the name of the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, I lit up the Chirag. I stared at the flickering and whispered :
O Beloved Allah, You witness everything and All-knowing. You know that this Chirag was lit before one of your very favorite servant. If you take any wasila, take the love You have for him and he has for You. By the virtue of this beautiful love please make our lives peaceful. Show me the Nur and fill me with the Nur. Accept me, take me and let me pray and beautify You as You love the most.
Within moments, the thoughts of Surah An-Nur, the Quranic Chapter of Light came to me - Again. I have been wishing that Allah makes me open it for the past few days when I randomly open the Holy Book for guidance. I recited Darood few times and put out the Chirag without the flame feeling hot on my fingers! I felt awed! I also took the incense and was moving around the house. Ah! So wishing to whirl in my heart!

I stood for the Maghrib prayers. As I proceeded I felt concentration was better than it was few hours before. I felt that a Voice from Beyond telling me – "Salam from the Dominion is being sent to you."

I remembered my Uncle telling me the story of the Khwaja Baba (rahmatulla alaihi) who was sent Salam by the Beloved. I felt a bit distracted and thought this is another thing coming into my head. So I started again but the inner feeling of response started to grow. I tried hard to keep concentration on Al-Fatiha and my feelings turned into a beautiful feeling when I was moving with further recitations.

In Sujood- I was diving! Fearing distraction I felt that Allah, the Most Merciful forgives me for imagining things that crosses my boundary. Suddenly, my inner being wanted very hard to hold something. I was still in my Sujood, in my prostration I felt dazed as if someone telling me inside, “feel the ‘essence’ that have been carried through the passage of time, that you came from the Father of Human, from the Divine Breath and Beloved’s light has been passed on to you since the beginning of Man on Earth, Adam (alaihis salam). And hold that essence that your soul has been part of, that you have been part of those holy men. And before that - you were somewhere else.”

I got up in between and sat asking Allah to forgive me. I went onto Sujood with a great feeling about this being my most favorite thing on earth and wishing to die like that. I felt the same, and when the thought of Habib’s shared essence was set forth, my nafs said, ‘he is too sacred for you to hold and feeling the essence of every holy man who went to Sujood.’

The whispering was cut out by my over pouring feelings of before the birth when the souls sung the Praise! All Praise is due to the Beloved! I got up and continued my prayers with the same feeling. Now the heart was trying to get out of dirt it accumulated and bathe my soul in light. My head was dizzy, myself dazed and engulfed. I started trembling both outwardly and inwardly as each time I went down to rub my head to the ground.

The ground adored me with its soft touch with a welcoming I never experienced before. I felt blessed. I finished my prayers and thought of what it would mean. I felt the message of Salam beyond the dominion from my Beloved again and again!

I got up to pray the 2 rakahs Sunnah. I said to myself, ahh now I can supplicate when I perform my favorite act! I recited aloud the verses which gradually became lower with humbleness overpowering me. I am being watched, and very very near is – He!

An automatic response of the body before your mind works that I was trembling and breathing hard. Sujood became intense, heart pounded and a tune caught me in & I was being pulled somewhere. I felt I could see the glory and beautiful long passage of light with things circling upwards...a vortex! I could see my heart turned itself into a luminous golden rose preparing for blossom. I am a bud and longing to be unfolded by the very One.

I told my Lord my wishes to accept me and let me live always with the Most Love for Him and Habib (sallalahu alahi wa sallam). I uttered His most beautiful Names few times & felt every bit of my body, atoms, soul and inner being holding the ancient essence. In Sujood, I felt, I said to Her, yes, this is how You are praised by Your Habib, and Your warrior… Your lovers. O forgive me if I call you Beloved for you know what is happening. Melodious recitations from inside. When my trembling began to recede, in tashahud (a special benediction within prayer) my index finger almost froze when I lifted. I stared at it…who was I then to move?

My throat felt of sudden sweetness - taste of the unknown sweetness!

I finished the prayers and pulled the Holy Quran’s translation I usually read. This time it was before my eyes. The book directly opened my much anticipated Surah An-Nur, the Blessed Chapter of Light. It’s now time to read those precious Parable of Light. My heart burst out in great laughter saying - O Beloved you are so Beautiful! When I came to the verse 35, the words would not leave me. I felt strange and Thankful for letting me share all that I have been feeling. For letting me read and to ponder through. My eyes were closed again and yes, I wanted to dance! My heart, the House must become full in essence. I wanted to get up and circle around. I kissed the ground. Prayers transformed into a single peaceful one.

In Sujood, I thanked my Lord for making me a Muslim, a follower of the light and our beloved leader, Master of the Mystics, His most beloved for which He caused to create.

I got up and felt sleepy but the feelings were alive. I laid down on my mother’s bed seeing beautiful unearthly things. My imagination - He wanted me to see! O Beloved! In between my daze I saw a beautiful woman on white scarf and green cloak holding a robe of green velvet with gorgeous black lace of gold and colorful flowers. She put it onto me when another beautiful young woman came to take me by hand inside. I went inside a palace with a pond in front. The skies had the hues of sunset. A little girl was waiting for me. Feeling as if my friend who played with me! She took me to a small garden mosque to pray 2 rakahs of nafil prayers of gratitude. She gave me her rug and took the rug of her great grand father for herself!

After those dazing moments with not knowing what is going on but feeling great, after dinner, I prayed to begin the difficult work I was fiddling with and was unable to concentrate on. In between, I gave the girl working at home the black thread for her continuous disturbances. I moved back to listen to the verse 35 recitation. I felt more and more of it, I would not be living without it. My chest is spreading, heart pumping fast gushing forth flows of blood with deep breathing… my head was swaying in a dream that held the world. What was the Reality doing here?

Before I began to work, I thought of reading a bit about light online. I came across the part of Sirr al-Asrar… the Essence of the One, the Light upon Light, the house of the Light of every believer. And I was assured of the moments I was feeling of holding the bit of the very essence in me.

My eyes got stuck at where Ghous e Azam (radiaallahu anhu) states:
Our Master the Prophet says, ‘I have seen my Lord in the shape of a beautiful youth.’ Perhaps this is the manifestation of the child of the heart. The image is the mirror. It becomes a means, rendering visible that which is invisible. The truth of Allah Most High is exempt from and free of any kind of description or any kind of image or form. The image is the mirror, though what is seen is neither the mirror nor the one who is looking into the mirror. Ponder on that and try to understand, because that is the essence of the realm of secrets.

- Sirr al-Asrar, Sheikh Gouse Azam Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani. Interpreted by Shaykh Tosun Bayrak
I closed my eyes. It’s a knowing beyond comprehension, beyond words! After few moments, I opened my eyes and smiled saying – Beloved , keep revealing Your Beauty with unfolding secrets just to make us longing to know You! Asma ul Husna! Hmmm! Knowing Us as well, no? I wished to dance again. This body is hiding our essence of the spirit. Since your Habib and our Habib is the same and you brought us here by sprinkling his Nur, we shall be bringing out our real essence if you wish so. And that is Your Wish, O Beloved!

I Love You Allah, I love you Habib RasulAllah Sallalahu Alaihi wa sallam, I love you oh Allah’s lovers! We, brought from the same, carry the same, yet divided and long to be united. No difference remains and we are all -----Yours!

O followers of Scriptures! indeed Our Messenger has come to you making clear to you much of what you concealed of the Book and passing over much; indeed, there has come to you light and a clear Book from Allah. - Sura Ma’ida, 15

~ Invocation to the colorful souls ~

Ya Habib Rehmatullil Aalamin!
Ya Ali, O Lion of the King!
Ya Bibi, Shimmering Sunshine!
Ya Hussein O the Most Beautiful Pearl!
Ya Sukaynah, my sweet friend my dear!

Diary Dated: January 1, 2011; Muharram 25, 1432
Penned by S. Mohsin Khan



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Technology of the Heart: Parable of Light: Glimpse and Moments Shared from Diary of a Spiritual Seeker
Parable of Light: Glimpse and Moments Shared from Diary of a Spiritual Seeker
Technology of the Heart
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