Love for Fully Awakened Human Being

Be a beauteous blossom of love.
- Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti

For every fully awakened master (human being who have mastered over his or her own selfhood) of every age, those who gathered around that luminous figure, there has been a common denominator. And that commonality being 'single pointed love' for that human being. We observe in every age, even in our time if we looked at the right places we would delightfully discover that a great devotion is placed in the niche of human hearts, a pure love of wholly different kind is kindled inside for the human being who have progressed in the Path, who have reached a nearness of higher rank. A saintly being, a spiritual master, a guru, a shaykh, a pir or a sagacious master, no matter of what faith tradition will attract such love from those around him. Lest we forget, this a free gift bestowed by the Real to the divine lovers.

There is a tradition that showers light in a dramatic fashion using the celestial language why such love is generated in the heart of others for a person who become a Lover of the Divine and in becoming attains Nearness. The Prophet of Love, Muhammad Mustafa transmits directly from the Source of Love where God says, "If I love one of My servants intensely, I summon Archangel Gabriel and say: 'I love this servant, so you too much love and support him.' Then the Archangel speeds throughout the heavenly realms, crying, 'Allah Most High Loves this servant, so all of you must love and support him.' Thereafter, profound love for this particular servant of Allah is gradually established among the beings on earth."

If we are to look at the intense love of the companions and apostles of Christ, if we are to look at the single pointed love of the sahaba (companions) of the Last Prophet, if we are to look at the disciples and immediate successor and of every sufi master (and authentic spiritual teacher of any faith tradition in that matter), we would know what reality of love we are trying to realize.

Within Islamic faith tradition, this Secret of Love is encapsulated in the saying of the Prophet where he says, "None of you will have faith, till he loves me more than his father, his children, and all humankind." In another hadith in Bukhari Prophet Muhammad said: "None of you believes until he loves me more than he loves himself." Reading plainly this may suggest an air of impossibility of how to love someone to such degree?! But the secret is, one whom God loves and who loves God - loving that person become an obligation for those who's heart is made open to the reality of Love. It is about actuating and activating a pure love within ourselves, and we being human beings, such activation happens through the love of  / for a fully awakened human being.

For those who follow the teachings of Krishna, for them devotion and love (bhakti) for him is essential to progress in the Path. Similarly for those who follow the teachings of Christ, for them loving Christ in a single pointed love and passion is absolutely essential to progress in the Path. Then at the end of Christ's age when the Seal of Prophet arrived, such concentration of divine love focused upon Muhammad Mustafa who now remains the Gate for every lovers who claim to love God.

Say, (O Muhammad, to humanity): If you love God, follow me; God will love you and forgive your falling short (from perfection). And God is Ever Forgiving, Merciful. - The Quran 3:31

God says: "On the Day of Resurrection, I will call out, "Where are those who Love one another through My Divine Glory alone and for the sake of My Glory alone? Today I Am offering them refuge and sweet refreshment in My Shade, for this is a day on which there is no shade but My Shade." - Islamic Sacred Tradition

On the Love for the Prophet of Allah, Lex Hixon Nur al Jerrahi provides a Meditation through the following writing of his, quoting from Atom from the Sun of Knowledge:

No person can experience the complete, spontaneous affirmation of Reality - not only with every prayer or even with every breath but with one's very life and being - before loving the fully awakened human being more than any other, including parents, children and all humanity. Love for the Messenger is the way to awaken to the crown of creation, to the true humanity within all persons. To love Muhammad intensely - even above the mystic shaykhs who inherit the spiritual wealth and beauty of the Prophet - lifts one into perfection. This state of completeness is simply to be through the Being of Allah, to live through the Life of Allah, to see through the All-Seeing, to hear through the All-Hearing, to know thorough the All-Knowing. This the true affirmation of Unity, which is not merely verbal, conceptual, or conventionally religious. This is Allah affirming Allah through perfect humanity. This is la ilaha illallah muhammad rasulallah.

To love any human being, no matter how close or dear, who has not reached perfection more than one loves the perfect human being places further veils over the light of the hidden perfection of one's own humanity and the humanity of the other. To love the perfect human being above all other human beings, by contrast, removes obscuring veils from the hidden perfection of one's own being and the others whom one loves.

To love the Prophet Muhammad, who is the Lover of Humanity and the Pearl of the Universe, vastly accelerates our progress, our awakening to ourselves and to others as pure souls, as rays from the Source of Light, who are simply the Affirmation of Unity blossoming as the Divine Drama of Revelation. Loving the noble Muhammad of Love enhance immeasurably our love for other human beings, on all levels of development, by revealing the infinite reservoir of love within us. Failing to love the Muhammad of Love above all beloved persons saps the energy of our love, marking it finite and linking it with imperfection.

Love him for his perfection of love! Love him as the light of true humanity within every heart! We place our hand upon our heart when we speak his most beautiful name, Muhammad, because he is the true human heart - the essence of our own mystical heart, hidden far behind the heart of life throbbing within the human breast. He is not in the desert of Arabia, but in the heart. Love him and you will love all persons abundantly. Fail to love him, and you will fail to love anyone truly. Love him who is the perfection of human love, and you will overflow with love for Allah, Who is the Source of Love. Disappear with ecstatic love into the Prophet of Allah, and you will disappear into Allah in mystic union. Fail to lose yourself in the love of the Prophet, and you will never directly encounter the Love of Allah.

Walk only on the way of Love. Love only for the sake of Love. Live only for the Good Pleasure of Allah, the Essence of Love. The Caretaker of the Ocean of Love, the uniquely beloved one of Allah, is the very principle of Allah's Self-Revealing Love. To love Muhammad, the Most praiseworthy, is the unveiling of Divine Love. Love unveiled is the play of lover and Beloved, the very life of the universe, the song of atoms, the sweetness of human touch, the fragrance of prayers. The rose perfume of the Prophet's love drenches his lovers.

Thus Muhammad Mustafa, the Mercy of Allah to all Worlds, calls out through his living Oral Tradition: None of you will have faith, till he loves me more than his father; his children, all humankind.

It is related that a man came to the Prophet, was looking at him without turning away, and said, "Messenger of Allah, I love you more than my family and my possessions. I remember you and I cannot wait until I can come and look at you. I remember that I will die and you will die and I know that when you enter the Garden of Presence, you will be raised up with Prophets. When I enter it, I will not see you."

Upon his expression of sorrow, Allah then revealed:

Waman yutiAAi Allaha wa ar Rasoola faola-ika maAAa allazeena anAAama Allahu AAalayhim mina an-nabiyyeena, wa as-siddeeqeena, wa ash-shuhada-i wa as-saliheena. Wa hasuna ula-ika rafeeqan. Zlika al fadlu mina Allahi, wa kafa biAllahi AAaleeman (4:69,70).

"Whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger, those are with those whom Allah has blessed among the prophets, the sincere ones, the witness of divine reality and the doers of beautiful action. Ah! what a beautiful fellowship! This is grace from Allah, and sufficient is Allah as Knower." Then the Prophet, upon him be peace, called the man and recited the verses to him.

In another hadith the Prophet said, "Whoever loves me will be with me in the Garden of Presence."

O Culmination of Prophecy, Muhammad Most Praiseworthy, Caretaker of Divine Revelation, al-amin, Absolutely Trustworthy One, Six-Dimensional Mirror, Full Moon of Truth Shining in the Night of Divine Mystery, Sweet Voiced Nightingale of Love. 

O Sultan of Hearts in the Garb of a Humble Man, Matchless, Incomparable Pearl, efendimiz, Most Precious Spiritual Master. al murshid al-akar Incomparable Spiritual Teacher and Guide.

O Glory of All Realms, Glory of Prophets and Messengers, habibullah Most Profoundly Beloved of Allah, Perfect Guide along the Mystic Way. Rose in the Meadow of Prophecy, Central Pole in the Tent of Relative Existence, may the Peace of Allah and the mystic union with Divine Love exalt you eternally and exalt your noble family and your spiritual companions throughout time and eternity, gathering all souls together into the Culmination of Light and Love. 

as-salatu wa-s-salamu alayka ya rasulullah
as-salatu wa-s-salamu alayka ya habibullah

Heartfelt and profound greetings to your sublime soul,
O incomparable Prophet and uniquely beloved one of Allah.



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Technology of the Heart: Love for Fully Awakened Human Being
Love for Fully Awakened Human Being
Technology of the Heart
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