USAMAH - HABEEB IBNUL HABEEB | Suppressed History from the Life of Prophet Muhammad

He who controls the past controls the future.
He who controls the present controls the past.
~ George Orwell, 1984

In the context of Islam and Islamic history, some vested interest group very heavily censored and suppressed the history and life of Prophet Muhammad based on mustakbir attitude (vain pride of superiority). In this month of Rabi al-Awwal, this series titled "Suppressed History from the Life of Prophet Muhammad" is dedicated to focus on some of the mustadafeen (oppressed and suppressed) characters from the Life of Prophet Muhammad which may help us understand where Islam is and how that happened.

None of the materials shared here are based on any persons opinion but based on authentic history preserved until today but which we are too jahil (ignorant) to even bother or care to know. Its on the interest of those who suppress these history that we remain ignorant.

The seventh year of Risalat and Prophet and his early followers are facing hard time because of the torture by the Qureish. They are living a life of persecution and boycott at Dar al Arqam. Barakah and Zaid is inseparable from the life of the Messenger. After losing his Mother and Father, Prophet's paradise on earth was Barakah. Until his marriage with Mother Khadijah, it was Barakah who cared for the Prophet as his foster mother and he used to say, 'Barakah is my mother from my mother. She is the last remnant of my family.' After that he was gifted with Zaid whom he loved so much he adopted him as his foster son.

In the advanced age of Barakah he and Mother Khadija arranged marriage with Zaid. Allah provided a son out of this extra ordinary couple. The Messenger named him as USAMAH. In the history of Islam, no other couple was so loved by the Prophet. Because of Prophet's deep love for USAMAH and both of his parents, everyone used to call USAMAH as hibb ibnul hibb / habeeb ibnul habeeb, beloved son of beloveds. Prophet himself also addressed him by that name.

In his childhood USAMAH once fell down and cut his lips. Prophet advised Mother Ayesha to pickup USAMAH and to take care of his wound. But Mother Ayesha ignored it and Prophet himself picked USAMAH up and placed his blessed saliva upon USAMAH's young lips.

As USAMAH start to grow up, extra ordinary quality was starting to shine through him. Once Hakeem, a nephew of Mother Khadija purchased a very expensive Yemeni clothes which was at that time was fifty dinar and gifted it to the Prophet. Because Hakeem didn't accept the Message of the Messenger, he didn't accept as gift. Prophet paid the price and kept it with him. Wearing it once for Friday prayer, the Prophet gave this dress to USAMAH. When USAMAH used to wear it among his age group, Prophet would express his delight in seeing this.

As USAMAH mature into youth, he start to display great characteristics which attracted the Prophet's special attention to him. He was very sharp in his intelligence, exceptionally brave, very subtle sense of adab, right judgement, purity, attraction to good hearted people and above all highest degree of taqwa (God consciousness) made him the apple of the eye of the Prophet.

Why shouldn't he because his mother was endowed to take care the most complete ideal of mankind. This was a lady whom the Prophet respected all through his life and would stand up and kiss her forehead. USAMAH's father was mentioned as "the one on whom Allah bestowed favor and you bestowed favor"(33:37). Thus it was only natural that at mature age both qualities of Barakah and Zaid would manifest in USAMAH.

With the above mentioned dazzling qualities USAMAH in his teen came to the Prophet along with his younger friends to join the battle of Badr. Because of too young age the Prophet refused him and he went back while shedding tears. Seeing this the Prophet continued to gazed at USAMAH until he was out of sight.

During the battle of the Trenches USAMAH again expressed his desire to join the Prophet. Even though he was still a teen, Prophet himself hung Sword to USAMAH's waist belt. This made both USAMAH and the Prophet happy. He grew up as a rare lion of the Prophet. USAMAH grew up in front of the Prophet's very eye. In Prophet's life, among his AHL e BAYT the people who were mostly in touch with him were Barakah, Zaid and Usamah.

When Ali and Fatemah got married they lived in separate family and house. On the other hand Barkah, Zaid and Usamah were like shadow in the life of the Prophet. Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman had their own family and business, and hence without expedition they were not that visible in Prophet's life. They would come and join formal prayer.

When Mecca was opened to the Prophet he entered Mecca with Barakah, Ayman and Usamah. When he entered the Kaba sanctuary he took Bilal and Usamah with him. In every step of his way, the Prophet tried to remind the racist Qureish that his preference is never about race but about Taqwa. It was the Mustadafeen (oppressed) who were to be established on earth as promise of God and Bilal, Zaid, Usamah represent that Mustadafreen people.

وَنُرِيْدُ أنْ نَمُنَّ عَلى الَّذِيْنَ اسْتُضْعِفًوْا فِي الأرْضِ وَنَجْعَلَهُْم أئِمَّةَ وَنَجْعَلَهُمْ الَوارِثِيْنَ، ونُمَكِّنَ لَهُمْ فِي الأرْضِ وَنُرِيَ فِرْعَوْنَ وَهَامَانَ وَجُنُوْدَهُمَا مِنْهمْ مَا كَانُوْا يَحْذَرُوْنَ.

"We desire to favour those who were oppressed in the earth, to make them leaders, and the inheritor, and to establish them on the earth as authority, to show Pharoas and Hamaan, and their soldiers the consequence they were warned of" (Sura- Al Quasas 5-6).

In the battle of Hunayn at Tayef, those who didnt flee leaving the Prophet behind, the most agreed names are Barakah, Ayman and Usamah.

How favorable USAMAH was could be understood even more when we come to know that during the only Hajj performed by the Prophet, the companion he choose to accompany him on the riding camel was USAMAH. In Arafah Khutbah it was USAMAH with him, so was in Mujdalefah and Meena.

The final expedition in the last stages of the life of the Prophet. This time he made Usamah Ibn Zaid, the eighteen years old product of Barakah and Zaid, the beloved son of the beloveds as supreme commander.

It may be mentioned that the Prophets were sent to remind the mankind, that the human beings are the progeny of Adam and Hawa (Eve). They are made of clay, as there were no differences between man and man except in piety and virtue.

إنَّ أكْرَمكُمْ عِنْدَ اللهِ أتْقَاكُمْ.

The Message of the last Prophet (SAWS) was accepted by the oppressed of Makkah like Zaid, Barakah, Bilal, Ammar, Ibn Masood and alike, with all their belongings, heart, soul, flesh and bones, unlike, the other Makkans, who accepted Islam later.
So, just on the eve of the departure of the Prophet (SAWS) from this mortal life, he chose Usamah as the Leader - Commander, and named the expedition after the name of Usamah "Jaish - Usamah" or the "Expedition of Usamah."

The prejudieed aristocrats of Makkah and Madinah could not take the command of Zaid Ibn Harithah over them in the battle of Mouta in good gesture. They all criticised the appointment of Usamah by the Messenger (SAWS) of Allah (SWT), as they did when Zaid was made the commander of the battle of Mouta.

Listening to the audacity, and sensing the dissension of the elders, the Messenger (SAWS) of Allah (SWT) took serious notice of it, and reminded them the position of Zaid to Allah (SWT) and the Prophet (SAWS). He chastised them in unequivocal words saying that the Israelites were cursed because of their disobedience to the prophets of Allah (SWT) like them.

He mentioned that Zaid is the best among them, and they were no match to him. This time when Usamah, the son of that Zaid was chosen again, for even a larger battle, the teeth of the critics again came out with sharper dissension.

In their opinion, though, Zaid was a non-aristocrat, but he was somehow acceptable because of his age. But this time his son Usamah is a teenager, while Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Saad, Talha, Zubair, Abu Ubaidah and Abdur Rahman Ibn Awuf were in their fifties and sixties. So this time the leadership of Usamah over them was more bitter pill than before.

After the mobilisation of the army of Usamah, the Messenger (SAWS) of Allah (SWT) fell sick very seriously. Here it must be further added that the Prophet (SAWS) had prepared and bound a special flag for Usamah's Army by his own blessed hands, and ceremonially handed over it to Usamah. As Prophet fell ill, Barakah entered the Prophet's room and said, "Rasul Allah, you know how much Usamah love you and you love him. At this stage will Usamah be able to carry out your duty while leaving you at this stage? My advice is to postpone Usamah's mission by a day or two."

Hearing this the Prophet agreed to his wise mother.  The army of Usamah was asked to camp four mile outside of Medina. Meanwhile Prophet called his habeeb ibnul habeeb. Prophet's health deteriorated further. He couldnt speak anymore after Usamah was called. It was to USAMAH that the Prophet spoke last by moving his mouth silently and after raising his hand to pray to God about the expedition of USAMAH. That was his last attempt and last communication to the world.

After this the Messenger of God and the Last Prophet of God was called back to his Lord. Indeed we are God's and to God is our inevitable return.

When Prophet was given his last bath before burial it was USAMAH, BILAL and SHAKRAN who provided water. ALI was giving the shower and USAMAH AND BILAL poured water. The so called great companions like Abu Bakr, Umar or Uthman were busy with something else.

The Messenger (SAWS) of Allah (SWT) died before the accomplishment of Usamah's mission. But he repeatedly reminded and exerted his followers to execute the expedition of Usamah in all circumstances without fail.

After the death of the Prophet (SAWS), again the proposals of second and third thought came to Abu Bakr, the successor of the Prophet (SAWS) to reconsider.

But Abu Bakr reacted very vehemently against their proposals and asked them: 

"How could I change the leadership of Usamah when I am an ordinary soldier under him? How a sepoy can change and dismiss his commander? Have you forgotten the assertion of the Prophet (SAWS) to execute Usamah's Army at any circumstance?

أيُّهَا النَّاس أنْفَذُوا بَعْث أسامة، فلعمري لئن قلتم لإمارته، لقد قلتم في إمارة أبيه من قبله وإنه لخليق للأمارة.

He rebuked Umar and others who proposed the changes. Umar came to his senses after he got jolting chastisement from Abu Bakr.

The Faith is always a matter of conviction. Whenever the convenience over shadows the Faith, it remains no Faith, no conviction and no creed.

Finally the expedition of Usamah was dispatched as wished by the Messenger (SAWS) of Allah (SWT) before his death.

Allah the Almighty, the Lord of the Universe had showered His blessings on the expedition of Usamah.

Usamah's army was mobilised by the Prophet (SAWS) to fight against the Roman empire, and its Arab subjects bordering Syria. They were one of the two super powers at that time.

Evaluating their experience in the battle of Mouta under the leadership of Zaid Ibn Harithah, the father of Usamah, and comparing the larger and stronger army of Usamah, the Roman warlords had a second thought. They sensed a catastrophe may fall on them this time. So the Roman army abstained from joining their allies.

As a result, the entire area fell under the invasion of Usamah's army, and were overran by the Muslims to be under Muslim sovereignty.

Seeing the retreat of the then super power, the Arabs who became renegades had to come back to the fold of Islam finding no alternative. So, they were never real Muslims.

This is how Allah the Almighty helps His believers who surrender to Him completely, and follow his Messengers (AS).

The warbooties that came to Madinah as a result of Usamah's army changed the economic condition of Muslims in Madinah, and gave a tremendous impact of invincibility of the new Muslim State in the minds of nomadic Arabs of entire peninsula. And, as a result, Abu Bakr, the new Khalifah had easily succeeded in quelling the Arabs, who became renegades after the death of the last Messenger (SAWS) of Allah (SWT) who were 80% of the new Muslims according to the Muslim Historians like Ibn Hesham etc.

Prophet's (SWS) apprehension came true.

After his death, the Arabs turned Arabs regarding Islam. They first divided the Ummah of Islam into two: Makkan Migrants and Madinite Helpers, "Muhajir" and "Ansar": Makkans said to Madinites "We will be Rulers" and you would be "Ministers!"

نَحْنُ الاُمَرَاءُ وَأنْتُمْ الوُزَرَاءِ، مِنَّا الأمَرَاءَ وَمِنْكُمْ الوَزَارَء.

How strange and unfortunate?!

Islam makes one, indivisible "Ummah", as Allah (SWT) said in the Quran. "That is the bond and the bound of your single, united Ummah."

إنَّ هَذِهِ أمَّتُكُمْ أمَّةً وَاحِدَةً، وَأنَا رَبُّكُمْ فَاعْبُدُوْنِ/ فَاتَّقُوْنِ

Muslims only can say among them “We”, and never “We” and “You”. This is schism after Islam.

هَذَا هُوَ الشَّقََاقُ وَالنِّفَاقُ بَعْدَ الإسْلاَمِ فِي الأمَّةِ- إنَّ هَذِهِ أمَّتُكُمء أمَّةَ وَاحِدَة

The Nation of Islam is like a house built by Ansars. They helped the migrators to enter into it risking the enmity of the entire Arabs. Whoever enters into this house, “Muhajir” or “Ansar” they all dissolve into one entity “The Muslims”, like the sugar melts in water, and become a “Sweet Beverage.”

No separate entity of water and sugar can remain there.

Makkan migrants made false traditions in the name of the Messenger of Allah, and said, “The Leadership shall remain vested in the Qureish.”

الأئِمَّةُ مِنْ قُرَيْشٍ، إنَّ العَرَبَ لاَ تَعْرِفُ هَذَا الأمْرُ لِغَيْرِ هَذَا الحَيُّ، وَالنَّاسُ تَبِعَ لِقُرَيْش.

What a blatant lie? That too in the name of the Messenger of Allah, who made Zaid and Usamah the Commanders and asserted their command over the preposterous nobles of Makkah and Madinah. Were Zaid and Usamah Qureishi?

How Ayeshah says, "If Zaid was alive at the time of death, surely he would have made him his successor?" Even mother Ayesha did not hear about the vested leadership of Qureish?

Why did the last and the final Messenger of Allah repeatedly say on several occasions, "If a black African emerges as your Imam, leader, you must obey and follow him. There is no preference for a white over a black, and black over white, and an Arab over an non-Arab, and non-Arab over an Arab, except on the basis of piety?"

Liars have their memory shortened

So, the vested interested Arabs lied in the name of the Messenger of Allah as the Messenger himself apprehended.

They lied when they said, "The leadership is vested in the Qureish".

They lied when they said in the name of the Messenger (SWS) in listing all ten from Qureish to go to heaven in advance, and none is from Ansars or oppressed freed slaves !

Why did the Messenger of Allah (SWT) entered into Holy Kaabah after the conquest of Makkah with Bilal and Usamah and none from Qureish ?

These are the questions to be answered correctly, to revive the Ummah of Islam, and to reverse the clock of Arabian posture, gruelling under the curse of Judeo-Christian shackle without any feeling of shame, into the promised victory of Islam under the teaching of the last Messenger of Allah (SWT).

Allah (SWT) is the Lord of the Worlds, and not of the Arabs or Arab world alone !

Muhammad (SWS) is the Messenger of Allah for entire Mankind, not for Qureish, Makkans and Arabs.

Islam is the lone Religion of Allah, on which He has created everything.

He was sent to do favour on oppressed people.

The Prophet was raised by an oppressed maid, Barakah.

He said, "Barakah is my mother after my mother."

Barakah looked after Muhammad since his childhood till his death.

He said, "Salman is one of my family members."

Why was the leadership of Prophet's (SWS) appointment and assertion changed later, just after the completion of Usamah's expedition ?

•    Why did not the command of Usamah's continue, until he changed, or committed any wrong?

•    Why was a person like Khalid, the son of Walid chosen as the commander of Muslim Army?

•    Had he not killed several innocent persons during the expedition of Makkah for which the Messenger of Allah (SWS) thrice prayed to Allah, and expressed his innocence in the crime of Khalid? How the liars termed Khalid falsely as the 'Lone Sword of Allah? He is that Khalid, who massacred Muslims in the battle of Uhud, and his father perhaps is the only man, whose notoriety is mentioned in the Quran in many places!

Once the falsehood is allowed in the rank of any society, it keeps on breeding its progeny. When the opportunists of Makkah entered into the rank of Islam for their worldly gains, they made their way to the key positions, like Khalid, Amr Ibn Al-As and Mughirah etc. They eliminated, Abu Dhar, Ammar, Ibn Masood, Bilal, Suhaib and Salmans, the beloveds of the Messenger (SWS) and made Islam the conquering instrument of Makkans, first as Quriesh, then Banu Umyyah, Abbasi, Sunni, Sheiah, and last as Arabs and finally impostering the last Prophet (SWS) as the "Arabian Prophet" and the Ummah of Islam as "Ummatul Arabyyah".

The last and the final Prophet of Islam came to erase the plurality of the race and the religion from the face of the earth. He left the ideal by raising Zaid, Bilal, Ammar, Salman and Usamah to the position raised by Allah (SWT). Had the process been kept un-hindered after the departure of the Messenger (SWS), the entire globe would have been conquered by the Message brought by Muhammad (SWS) non-stop.

He has sent His final Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to make him radiant over total religion though the infidels never agree (Saff-9).

هُوَ الذِي أرْسَلَ رَسُوْلُهُ بِالْهُدَى وَدِيْنُ الحَقِّ لِيَظْهِرَهُ عَلىَ الدِّيْنِ كُلِهِ وَلَوْ كَرَّهَ المُشْرِكُوْنَ/ الكَافِرُوْنَ.

And surely Allah is to complete His Light, though the infidels do not like (Saff-8).

واللهُ مُتِّمُّ نُوْرُهُ وَلًوْ كَرَّهَ الكَافِرُوْنَ

The coming and the concluding era will be of those, who would follow Muhammad (SWS) as Barakah, Khadeejah, Zaid, Bilal, Ammar, Abdullah Ibn Masood and Usamah.

Sunnis have fabricated a dogma, consisting of assumed four Calips and "As-habs", and Sheiahs made a race comprising the daughter, two grand sons and the son-in-law of the Messenger.

Umayyads made a dynasty of "Arabian Caesar." as Muabiah declared, "I am the Caesar of Arab," and Abbassides established another dynasty of "Arabian Chosro" as Harun Al Rashid said, "I am the Chosro of Arabs." Whereas the Messenger of Allah has made it know to all Muslims to come "There would be no Caeser and Chosro either in Islam."

لا قَيْصَرٌ و لا كِسْرَى فِي الإسْلامِ.

So, Sunnism, Sheiaism, Arabianism in its all kinds, Qureish, Umayya and Abbasi divisions are nothing but "Schism," which has nothing to do with Islam. They were and are completely out of the bond and boundary of Islam!


# References:
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Technology of the Heart: USAMAH - HABEEB IBNUL HABEEB | Suppressed History from the Life of Prophet Muhammad
USAMAH - HABEEB IBNUL HABEEB | Suppressed History from the Life of Prophet Muhammad
Usamah, the son of Zaid and Barakh is one of the most important character from the life of the Prophet. He was chosen as supreme commander in the final expedition during the life of the Prophet. Because he was not from Aristocrat family with Qureishi blood, he was marginalized as racism came back along with Jahilillya that is still haunting Islam till today.
Technology of the Heart
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