Babbling the Qur'an is Against Its Spirit. Why Qur'an is Revealed According to the Qur'an Itself - Part 3

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Understanding is a State Reason

Indeed, We have made it an Arabic Qur'an that you might understand. 43:3

Know that Allah gives life to the earth after its lifelessness. We have made clear to you the Divine Signs; perhaps you will understand. 57:17

The Reminder is Intended for People of Understanding, Not for Spiritually Deaf Dumb and Blind

O people of understanding - who have attained faith!- for Allah has indeed sent down to you a Message (this Qur'an) - and an Messenger, who reads to you the Signs of Allah containing clear explanations, that he may lead forth those who believe and do righteous deeds from the depths of Darkness into Light. 65:10,11
And indeed, the Qur'an is a message / communication / reminder for the righteous. 69:48

Holding Fast To Something Prerequisite that One Understand What to Hold Fast to

Therefore hold fast to that which has been revealed to you; surely you are on the right path. 43:43

Made Easy for Paying Attention to

Certainly, We have made this (Quran) easy in your tongue, in order that they may pay attention to. 44:58

Enlightenment Can Not Be Achieved in Persisting Ignorance

This [Qur'an] is enlightenment for mankind and guidance and mercy for a people who are certain [in faith]. 45:20

Babbling the Qur'an is Mockery of Our Time to the Spirit of Qur'an

This, because you took the revelations of Allah (this Qur'an) in mockery, and the life of the world deceived you. So this Day, they shall not be taken out from there (Hell), nor can they make amends. 45:35

Presence of Heart and Intelligence is Required

Indeed in that (Qur'an) is reminder for whoever has a heart or who listens while he is present [in mind] / heedful / intelligent. 50:37

The Misguided ones follow Whims despite Guidance Came Through the Qur'an

They follow not except assumption and what they desire /whims, and there has already come to them from their Lord guidance. 53:23

Qur'an is Made Easy to Understand

And We have indeed made the Qur'an easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive reminder / admonition? 54:17, 22, 32

The Turning Away from Qur'an Attitude is all Too Familiar

Is it such a Message that you would hold in light esteem? 

Is it such a discourse (this Qur'an) that you (disbelievers) deny? 56:81 

Signs are Made Clear

And We have certainly sent down verses of clear Communications / Signs /  Evidence. 58:5

The Journey from Darkness to Light is Through the Qur'an. But one has to Receive It's Guidance Through Understanding

He is the One Who sends to His Servant Manifest Signs, that He may lead you from the depths of Darkness into the Light and verily Allah is to you most kind and Merciful. 57:9
(This Qur'an is) Guiding to the right way - 72:2

The Wisdom of Divine Justice is Communicated via Successive Divine Revelations including the Qur'an as the Last Testament

We have already sent Our messengers with clear evidences and sent down with them the Scripture and the balance that the people may maintain [their affairs] in justice. 57:25

Babbling of Qur'an Was Prohibited, Babbling Remains Prohibited

O you who believe, go not near prayer when you are intoxicated till you know what you say.. 4:43

Qur'an is Conclusive

Indeed! this (Qur'an) is a conclusive word (that distinguishes good from evil). 86:13

Qur'an Leads to the Way of the Lord

Verily, this (Qur'an) is an admonition, therefore whosoever will, let him take a Path to His Lord! 73:19, 76:29

Sadiq M. Alam
29 Ramadan 1436

Dhaka, Bangladesh


Narrated ‘Ali, the Messenger of Allah –may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him- said: “There will come a time upon the people when nothing will remain of Islam except its name and nothing will remain of the Quran except its words. Their mosques will be splendidly furnished but destitute of guidance. Their scholars will be the worst people under the Heaven; strife (fitna) will issue from them and avert to them.” (Mishkat al-Masabih 1/91 Hadith 276)

“O’ Salman, at that time mosques will be decorated in the same manner as the temples and churches of the Christians and the Jews are decorated, The Quran will also be decorated. The Minarets will be elongated and the people praying will exceed in number with people whose hearts are filled with enmity and those whose tongues differ”. (Hadith)

“Soon a time would come upon people when nothing will remain of Qur'an except its script, and nothing of Islam will remain except its name, they will divide and will be farthest from it. Their mosques will be furnished but devoid of guidance. The scholars of that age will be the worst people under the heavens. Strife will emerge from them and return to them.” (Hadith in Musnad, narrated by Ibn ‘Umar) 

The Muslims around the world are gravely misguided and deceived from causes both from inside and outside. The reason is very simple. It is because the very Guidance, the very Constitution of Life's Transaction, the Book of Divine Law and Criteria, the very Light they were given, it is that Qur'an the Muslims have abandoned. They have replaced Law Given by God and His Messenger, with Law influenced by Interest Lobby Group and their Paid Prostitute Law Makers in Congress, in Parliament and Filthy Politics of Money and Corruption. This is nothing but blasphemy and betrayal to God and His Messenger.

The Prophet very clearly left instruction to hold tight to Qur'an and yet the leaders of Muslim nations who have been trained and brain washed and deceived by the Colonialists for the sake of control have again brainwashed the common people to reduce the Qur'an as a thing of religious entertainment, as thing of decoration at their houses wrapped in clothes, as a thing of competition for who can babble it batter, as means to organize chanting competition - everything except their Inspiration and Aspiration for this world and the next, everything except their Guidance for Society, everything except their Source of guided life.

The Prophet himself warned us that a time will come when the scholars of religion will be the worst people under the sky will be those who claim to be scholars of religion. We are on the cusp of arriving in those times and the ominous signs are starting to show. To the author of this article, the so called Muslim scholars of religion who still insist that 'its Ok not to understand the Qur'an' or downplay the critical importance of understanding the Command and Prohibition, the Limits, the Advice, the Examples and Parables, the Instruction from God - it is these scholar who are playing ignorance, who champion ignorance, who are exact opposite to everything the Prophet stood for. They forget and betray the spirit of knowledge and wisdom of the Prophet out of which he said about almost 1400 years ago that "knowledge is compulsory for both men and women."

The educated Muslims around the world has a great responsibility to return back to the Qur'an, to regularly study it in their own language to understand what Allah wishes people to know, to read it cover to cover, again and again, to understand and ponder its meaning, then also understand it in the very language in which it was sent, for many words are mistranslated and classic Arabic is such that the same word depending on the context can have many variety of meanings.

There needs to be a strategy for Muslims, specially non-Arab Muslim who are about 90% of the Muslim population to again create bond and relationship with the Book of Allah and the starting of this strategy is to read this Book Cover to Cover in their own language. This can be a life changing experience provided that the Qur'an is approached with care, love, respect and honor.

Great scholar and a saint of Islam, Mevlana Rumi said the following (translated by William C. Chittick) which is very true about the Qur'an which is a dynamically alive Book that reveal its many dimension meaning only to those who approach it with care, love, respect and honor.

The Qur’an is like a bride.
Although you pull the veil away from her face,
she does not show herself to you.

When you investigate the Qur’an,
but receive no joy or mystical unveiling,
it is because your pulling at the veil
has caused you to be rejected.
The Qur’an has deceived you
and shown itself as ugly.

It says,
“I am not a beautiful bride.”
It is able to show itself in any form it desires.

But if you stop pulling at its veil and seek its good pleasure;
if you water its field, serve it from afar
and strive in that which pleases it,
then it will show you its face
without any need for you to draw aside its veil.

May Allah unveil the Qur'an to us and may its rays of Nur illuminate our Hearts and may Allah help us to increase our Love for the Qur'an as a token of our Love for Allah and His Messenger.

Sadiq M. Alam
29 Ramadan 1436

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Part 2: Why Qur'an is Revealed?



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Technology of the Heart: Babbling the Qur'an is Against Its Spirit. Why Qur'an is Revealed According to the Qur'an Itself - Part 3
Babbling the Qur'an is Against Its Spirit. Why Qur'an is Revealed According to the Qur'an Itself - Part 3
May Allah unveil the Qur'an to us and may its illumination illuminate our Hearts and may Allah help us to increase our Love for the Qur'an as a token of our Love for Allah and His Messenger.
Technology of the Heart
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