Haqiqat e Muhammadi - Reality of the Praiseworthy Master

In the Name of Allah the Sweetheart, the Most Compassionate, the Most Beautiful Lover

and in praise of His beloved Mustafa the Chosen Light and His Mystery

Honour that is worthy of his Praiseworthy Station

Allah says in the Revealed Scripture:

O My noble Messenger! Indeed you have been sent as a pure witness and a bearer of joyous news and a compassionate warner.

That you, O humanity, may believe in Allah and His Messenger and honour him and respect the Prophet and exalt Allah morning and afternoon. ~48:8-9

Those who follow the Messenger, the unlettered Prophet... so they who believe in him, honour him, support him and follow the light which is sent down with him - it is those who will be truly successful. ~7:157

The above Signs of the Quran is a testimony and proof that honouring and respecting the Messenger is essential and this is one of the key for being spiritually successful in real sense. It should be noted that giving of the due honour and respect to any person depends on realizing his haqiqat, his reality, his true status. We can not render respect and honour unless we know that person's real position and status. Thus it is of utmost importance to recognize the haqiqat and status of him in the first place.

The cognition of the Messenger Muhammad, may Divine peace and blessings saturate his noble soul, has two aspects, one is his outward manifestation as a human being and another is his inward qualities illumed by the divine qualities bestowed by Allah. From his human side, even though he might have human characteristics which needed to eat, physically move etc comparable to ordinary people, yet from spiritual reality or haqiqat he was the locus of the manifestation of the loftiest divine qualities.

In short, when Allah the Most High wanted to manifest Himself and hence brought forth the creation, He created the best of His manifester (khalifa) Muhammad, who was created by the Light of the Divine Countenance and from the light of Muhammad all other creation was created. So in the next to the Absolute Divine Realm or Alam-e-Lahut, Messenger Muhammad is the only perfect mirror of God. The sacred tradition (hadith qudsi) thus conveys, the Divine declares:

I have created Muhammad from the Nur of My Divine Countenance. Had I not created you O my beloved Messenger, I would not have created the heavens and if you were not created then the qualities hidden in My Essence would not manifest in their glory.

Every Purpose has a Final Culmination and Purpose of Creation has the Zenith in the Person of Muhammad the Messenger

In the pre-eternity Allah was a Hidden Treasure Who longed to be known and loved. And Adam and his progeny is bestowed with the full potential of knowing Him, His gnosis and loving Him. Thus humanity is the zenith of creation, and then logically among the humanity there has to be a human being through whom this original Divine Will is to manifest and that human being, that perfection in whom the Divine Qualities will reflect more perfectly than others in full human humbleness and yet in the most exalted acceptance by God Himself is the person of Muhammad the Chosen Messenger.

The Messenger of Allah is the most beautiful pattern and empowerment for the holy way of life. (33:21)

This is the secret why he is called the Seal because through him the Divine Will is sealed. About himself the Prophet said," I am the First of the Divine Informer (Nabi) to be created and last to be sent among humanity and there is no other Prophet after me."

The Prophet himself also said, "Before anything Allah has created my light." In another tradition he is recorded to have said: "I am the (reflection of the) Light of God and everything else is from (reflection of) my light."

Metaphysically speaking, this "light" which was created before anything else was created, could well be understood as the Divine Will or Consciousness regarding the culmination of perfect humanity through whom the ultimate guidance will be dispensed both through his Sunnah, his character, his Way and Legislation or Shariah and every possible role that a human being may partake in this world as a preparation for the next.

Those who harmonize their whole being with the Messenger of Allah are harmonizing and unifying with Allah. (4:80)

O My beloved Messenger, proclaim to humanity, "If you truly love Allah, follow me intimately and Allah will love you intensely, forgiving and throughly erasing all your negativity. Allah most High is ceaselessly forgiving and infinitely merciful." (3:31)

From mystical perspective, before the existence of time, Allah created His best of creation, Muhammad and in him made manifest all of His Beautiful Names and Qualities in such mystical fashion that between Ahad (Indivisible Oneness) and Ahmad (Celestial name of Muhammad) there remained only the veil of a Meem (representing makhluk or sentient being and creative manifestation).

The poet has said thus:

O heart lift Ahmad's veil of meem,
And Behold how Ahad alone reigns supreme.

When his excellency Messenger used to focus on his human zahiri (outward) manifestation, he used to say:
"I am human being like you."

But when he used to focus on his batini haqiqat (inward realities), he used to say: "I am not like any one of you, I dwell with my Lord at the hearts of veiled nights and He nourishes me." (Bukhari and Muslim)

In another reference it is said that the body of the Prophets are like the angels.

There are many recorded incidents by the closed companions of the Prophet that even his perspiration had perfume like qualities and was used to heal terminally ill patients. The Prophet also could see what was in front of him as well as what was behind him, both in light and in darkness. There were no shadow of his body and no insects or fly would ever sit on his body. Thus even though he was a human being in human form, yet he was an unparalleled human being.

The Quranic Proof that Prophet is a Light Sent to Humanity

The Messenger, Allah bless him and give him peace, is the Light of Allah, something a believer can say because the Qur’an affirms it in the verse

"There has come to you a Light from Allah, and a Manifest Book" (Qur’an 5:15).

in which the word Light has been explained by a number of classic Qur’anic exegetes as follows:
(Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti:) "It is the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace)" (Tafsir al-Jalalayn, 139).

(Ibn Jarir al-Tabari:) "By Light He means Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace), through whom Allah has illuminated the truth, manifested Islam, and obliterated polytheism; since he is a light for whoever seeks illumination from him, which makes plain the truth" (Jami‘ al-bayan, 6.161).

(Fakhr al-Razi:) "There are various positions about it, the first being that the Light is Muhammad, and the Book is the Qur’an " (al-Tafsir al-kabir, 11:194).

(al-Baghawi:) "It means Muhammad, or, according to a weaker position, Islam" (Ma‘alam al-Tanzil, 2.228).

And Qurtubi (Ahkam al-Qur’an , 6.118) and Mawardi (al-Nukat wa al-‘uyun, 2.22) mention that interpreting Nur as "Muhammad was also the position by [the Imam of Arabic grammar Ibrahim ibn Muhammad] al-Zajjaj (d. 311/923).

All of which shows that the Prophet, is a light from Allah, according to the Qur’an . This is the interpretation of the earliest exegetes, for al-Tabari was the sheikh of the salaf (early Muslims) in tafsir; while explaining Nur as "Islam" is an interpretation that came later.

The outcome of divine attributes require a logos or determining order that governs them, an illuminatory law that renders them and the states of their inhabitants transparent and intelligible, an ultimate standard

Shaykh Nuh Ha Meem Keller writes: "The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) is both the ‘Light of Allah’ and ‘a human being’, and the inability to join between the two aspects is a lack of understanding of the greatness of al-Haqiqa al-Muhammadiyya, the ‘Muhammadan Reality’. 

To gain an idea of their point of departure, we may note that the entire universe has been created by Allah in order that His names and attributes might be manifest, that is, in order that He might be known, for He says,

"Nor did I create men and jinn, except to worship Me" (Qur’an 51:56).

(al-Baghawi:) Mujahid [ibn Jabr al-Makki (d. 104/722)], said this means ‘except to know Me’ which is a sound interpretation, since if He had not created them, they would not have known His existence and His oneness (Ma‘alam al-tanzil, 5.230).

Now, the divine names, such as, al-Rahman ‘the All-merciful’, al-Karim ‘the Most Generous’, al-Rafi‘ ‘He-Who-Raises’, al-Khafid ‘He-Who-Lowers’, al-Sabur ‘the Most Patient’ al-Muntaqim ‘the Avenger’, and the others, entail and comprise the existence of the entire spectrum of human conditions - but particularly, ultimately, eternally, and at their fullest manifestation—the outcomes of paradise and hell. 

These outcomes in their turn entail a logos or determining order that governs them, an illuminatory law that renders them and the states of their inhabitants transparent and intelligible, an ultimate standard. This is what we call the Shari‘ia or ‘Sacred Law’, inseparable in principle from its divine origin, for it is one with Allah’s speech, the Qur’an , and the sunna, His act of inspiration to the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace). Part of the Law is that "none of you shall enter paradise by his works" (rather through Allah’s mercy), but the levels within it do correspond to works whose qualities and conditions are given in the revelation.

From the point of view of manifesting the divine attributes and names—their ultimate outcomes consisting in the destinies of human beings, without which they would remain unmanifest—the appearance of the Islamic Shari‘a, in its final and perfected form at the end of human history, is the raison d’être, or ‘reason for being’, of the whole created universe; and ontologically prior to it in the timelessly preeternal knowledge of Allah Most High. 

And the focal point of this light of lights, the head of the whole matter of its appearance, and the site of its manifestation—in a sense the résumé of all created being and occasion for its appearance—is the al-Haqiqa al-Muhammadiyya, or ‘Muhammadan Reality’ the Holy Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace), whose consciousness was identical with this Shari‘a. 

We cannot ever claim to know all of the Prophet’s perfections (Allah bless him and give him peace), only that Allah describes him in His book as ‘light’; while at the same time, he had to be a human being, in order that the Sacred Law could be manifest, and the imperative of obeying it be binding on every human being. And Allah knows best." (credit)

Witnessing requires Presence and Observance (Hazir and Nazir)

O My noble Messenger, Indeed you have been sent as a witness and a bringer of good tidings and a warner. (48:9)

In the Quran Allah confirms that on the Day of Judgment for each community, there respective Prophet will be their witness and Prophet Muhammad will be witness for all of them.This is found in Surah Ahzab verse 45 and Surah Muzammil verse 15. These verses tell us that all human beings who have appeared on earth from the beginning and those who are currently present and those who will come until the Day of Judgment, Prophet Muhammad will be a witness to all of their faith and actions.

But for a person to be a witness, he needs to be present and observe the actions and here we are talking about not only outward actions, but also inward state of heart (for faith is an inward function). So the gnostics of Allah have proved from this point that the Prophet is bestowed the quality of hazir and nazir (omnipresent and omni-visionary) by Allah, the owner of all Power and Glory.

From haqiqat the Prophet's qualities expands and cover the entire creation. In the Quran Allah says:

O My noble Messenger, indeed I have sent you as mercy for all the worlds.

In another place Allah tells us the nature of His mercy:

"Indeed My mercy is encompassing everything in the creation."

Prophet himself declared, "I am mercy extended (to entire creation)."

"I am Divine Light (Nur) and every created things are from my Light."

From the above statements and verses make us understand that Haqiqat e Muhammadi is to found in the entire creation as how sap of the tree is found within its branches. Just as without water no tree can be alive, similarly without the light of divine mercy of the haqiqat e Muahmmadi no created being can subsist. If the inner light of his haqiqat leave any matter, it is annihilated in that very instant.

Allah Glorious is He, the Creator doesnt work without medium. As an example it can be said: He distribute the sustenance of creation through the parents or someone else. He provides visible light on earth through the sun, Similarly his showering of mercy upon the entire creation is not without a medium and that medium is Rahmatallil alamin Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa, sallalahu alayhi wa sallam. Thus Prophet Muhammad is the Sun of Mercy, he is the distributor of rahmah.

In the Sacred Tradition on the tongue of the Prophet Allah speaks: "The most favorite act for my servants are those which are made mandatory for them, through which they may draw near Me. After which when My servants draws near further through their supererogatory acts, then I love them with a special love and in that condition I become his hearing through which he hears, I become his eyes through which he sees, I become his hands through which he grasp and his legs through which he moves." (Bukhari)

From the above mentioned hadith, it is clear that even an ordinary human being when he, she receives the love of Allah, the tajalli (manifestation) of Allah becomes his hearing, seeing, grasping, moving. So when the Messenger who is bestowed the title of Habib Allah, there can be no doubt that it is the very tajalli of Allah was his seeing, hearing, grasping and moving.

In reality, from his haqiqat Prophet Muhammad is beyond the limitations and constrictions of time and space. Yet it must also be emphasized that Prophet Muhammad and any other creation or being has no power of its own, except, they are only bestowed capability through the Divine Power. Thus whether its Prophet Muhammad or any other great Messengers of God, their miracles, their extra ordinary achievements were gifts from God and God alone, and they can never boast any favor or divine gifts as their own.

This is also acknowledged by Prophet himself when he said, "I am the most dear beloved (habib) of Allah, but I have nothing to brag about it. I will carry the banner of praise on the Judgement Day and Adam and every other Prophet will be under that banner but I have nothing to boast about it. And on the Day of Judgment I will be the first intercessor and mine will be the first to be accepted, and yet I have nothing to boast in it; I will be the first to knock at the Door of Paradise and it shall be opened for me and I and my meek faithfuls will enter into it but this is not a matter of pride for me. Among the first and the last generations of people I am the most honoured, yet I have nothing to brag about it."

To testify this truth about Prophet's humanity, Allah says in the Quran:

O Messenger of Mine, say: I do not control any benefit or harm for my own soul except as Allah please; and had I known the unseen I would have had much of good and no evil would have touched me; I am nothing but a warner and the giver of good news to a people who believe. (Qur'an 7:188)

In this above verse the Prophet's own ability is denied but at the same time Allah's supreme ability is affirmed.

As for the Prophet being a bashar or ‘human being’, there is no doubt of this, because it is Qur’an and ‘aqida. Yet the Qur’an does not simply state that he is a human being, but rather says,

"Say: I am but a man like you who is divinely inspired that your god is but One God" (41:6)

The important qualificatory phrase in this verse shows us that the Prophet was a completely different sort of human being from anyone else, then or now. For none of us can say he is divinely inspired as the Messenger of Allahwas. Rather, as is said in a poetic ode to the Prophet which is often sung at gatherings after singing the Qasida al-Burda [Ode of the Prophetic Mantle] by al-Busayri:

Muhammad is a human being, but not like humankind; 
He is a ruby, while ordinary people are as stones.

Calligraphy Ya RasuAllah Muhammad
Ya RasulAllah .. credit
Just as when a piece of iron when exposed and immersed in tremendous heat of fire annihilates its own identity and become lost in the color and quality of fire, similarly Messenger Muhammad in the fire of Divine Love lost his own selfhood and attained to his highest degree of khilafat or ambassador and thus through him the attributes of Allah was made manifest. Thus his seeing, hearing, speaking and doing is that of the Divine's. That is why Allah says about the Prophet:

O My Beloved Prophet, you did not slay them, but Allah slayed them; and in no way did you throw when you threw, but Allah threw. (8:17)

The Prophet doesnt speak out of his own volition, his speech is the speech of God. (53:3)

On the incident of his companions giving allegiance to him it was revealed:

Truly the ones who give bayah (allegiance) to you, in reality give bayah only to Allah; the Hand of Allah is above their hands. (48:10)

Through Prophet Muhammad, the beautiful names (asma) and attributes (sifat) were manifested fully, that is why following the Prophet is made equivalent of following Allah. Thus Allah declares:

He who obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah. (4:80)

"First existence Allah created from His Light is the light of Hazrat Muhammad, and from the Prophetic Light, everything else is created," this hadith testifies that from haqiqat the Prophet occupies the center stage. "I have not sent you except as a mercy to all worlds" (21:107) - this verse of the Quran reminds us that just as in the world we have hierarchy to reach the top, if we are to meet the head of state, we must go through various other offices first, similarly to reach Allah's divine mercy and help, one must go through the central reality of creative world, that is Prophet Muhammad. For this reason the Prophet as mentioned, "Unless benediction is said upon me, no supplication reaches to the Supreme and is suspended between the heaven and the earth, thus at the beginning and at the end of your supplication read benediction (durood) upon me." (Tirmizi)

That is why Allah declares in the Quran the important act of sending benediction and blessings upon the soul of the noble Prophet:

Indeed Allah and His angels shower blessings on the Prophet. O faithful lovers! Ask blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation. (33:56)

By the bestowal of Allah, the Prophet had within himself manifest the Divine attributes which are supernatural from ordinary human standard and some of these mysterious attributes of him are mentioned here citing from the traditions. The blessed Prophet has said:

Allah has folded the entire earth in front of me. So I can simultaneously observe everything from its east to its west. (Collection of Muslim)

Allah has placed this worldly manifestation in such a mysterious way in front of my eyes that whatever that will be created until the Day of Judgment, I can see them as if they are right on top of my palm. (Tibrani)

Displaying his middle and index finger the Prophet once mentioned, "I and the Day of Judgment are sent side by side like this." (Muslim)

From these above mentioned hadith it is apparent that from the subtlety of his haqiqat space and time boundaries are made null and void and everything is made present simultaneously. Allah's mystical manifestation (tajalli) was his power of hearing and seeing. That is why he said: "I can see what you can not see, I can hear what you can not hear." (Ahmad and Tirmizi)

The Prophet also said, "He who has seen me in true vision, soon afterwards will also meet me in awakened state and the arch deceiver can not emulate my form." (Bukhari and Muslim) This hadith is verified by countless saints and friends of God who have met him not only in veridical dreams and true visions while in sleep and half-awakened state, but also in full awakened state with their fully conscious mind. There are many recorded incidents where the Prophet have paid visit to saints while they are fully awake and have conversed, have embraced, have shaken hand with him. Allah, Allah, Allah.

Imam Jalaluddin Suyuti, Shah Waliullah and many other truthful friends and saint of Allah have testified that they had the honor to meet the Prophet both in their sleep and awakened state. Imam Jalaluddin Suyuti have written in his book 'Tanwirul halak" with citation of many hadith and sayings of truthful saints that

"... it is proved to be true that the Holy Prophet is alive both with his body and his soul and he exercise his actions anywhere anytime between the earth and higher realms (alam e malaqut).

He is now present as he was before his apparent death. He is only veiled from the eyes of common man, just as the jinns and angels are veiled even though they have bodies. Whenever Allah removes veil from His servants eye in order to show them His signs, they can see them in their real forms. There is nothing prohibited in this, neither it can be reduced to vision that is metaphysical only."

In Surah Waqiah and also in Surah Qaf it is said that at the moment of death the angels are nearer, but ordinary people can not see them, but when Allah removes the veils from the eyes, subtler realities are made visible.

Then when the soul at death reaches the throat (of the dying person) and you are that moment looking on and our angels are nearer to him, but you do not see.. (56:83-85), Certainly you were heedless of it, but now We have removed from you your veil, so your sight today is sharp. (50:22)

The understanding of the difference of subtle body and gross body is necessary here. While the gross body is time and space bound, that doesnt apply to subtle body. Just as the atom which belongs to the subtle realm within this physical universe and thus a tiny atom may conceal power equivalent of atom bomb, similarly the abilities concealed within subtle bodies are unimaginable to ordinary mind.

Every Muslim within their prayer recites inwardly the prayer where they send their salutation to the Prophet by saying "As salamu Alaika Ayyuhan Nabi'yu 'Wa rahmatullahi Wa barka'tuhu" Peace be upon you, Oh Prophet, and Allah's mercy and blessings. This salutation, in reality is received by the Prophet in real time, which is made possible by Allah's bestowing him His divine attributes. This in no way is associationism (shirk) but acknowledgement of Allah's quality upon His beloved habib. For example, the quality of Life, al-Hayy is a divine attribute which Allah bestows temporarily as life to other souls, so when we say the Divine attribute of life is bestowed on soul, we dont say we are making equivalent or associating, but we say that each soul is bestowed by God this particular attribute.

Abdul Haq Dehalvi has said, "The reason for saying the salutation to the Prophet in the salat is because the haqiqat e Muhammadi is present in every single drop of creation and existence including the very body of one who prays. The truth that he attends to every salaam to him is testified by his saying, "Any person who send benediction upon my soul, Allah arranges it to reach my soul and I reply" (Abu Dawud).

Shaykh Nuruddeen Aliyyul Halabi in his analysis wrote, "The Prophet after his veiling from the world is raised to the highest station of Paradise, yet his mortal body is present in his grave uncorrupted. Because of the highest station that is bestowed of him, which in rank and honour is so vast and wide, thanks to the generous bestowal of Allah that his soul and his body may move freely anywhere in the heaven and earth. His subtlety is so subtle and so penetrating that wheresoever he may be called upon, he may answer. He can be found if someone seeks him with God, if someone send him salam by his grave, he will answer him. Every seeker in his seeking will find him present, every contemplator in his contemplation will find him present, and every gnostic will find him in his heart."

The Haqiqat e Muhammadi Summarized

Wadhifatus Salatul Mashishiyyah or the Litany of Sidi Abdas-salam ibn Mashish, may Allah be pleased with him, who was the Spiritual Pole of his time and one of the greatest of gnostic, summarizes the inner reality of the Messenger or haqiqat e Muhammadiya in the most beautiful and concise form. I present it here (partially) with a hope that it may help us understand that mystery which ultimately cannot spoken truly even though our words might exhaust towards that endeavour:

In the Name of Allah, The Universally Merciful, The Singularly Compassionate

Oh Allah, Blessings and peace in all matters, revealed and concealed on him from him are split open the secret hidden in his sublime essence, and stream forth the lights of his full moons enfolded in the heavens of his sublime attributes and in him rose up the Truths from Him to him and descended the science of Adam from Him in him and on him so He rendered the entire creation unable to comprehending that which was entrusted to him of the Secret and before him understanding is diminished and for each person his own inability suffices and that Preserved Secret has not been grasped by any one of us in its existence nor will any one subsequently reach His Pre-Existent Witnessing.

Magnified is the Prophet whose blossoming beauty beflowers the gardens of the Mulk and the Malakut and the pools of the Jabarut overflow with the dazzling lights of his secret bursting forth and there is no thing that is not linked to him and by his effulgent secret are all things encompassed because were it not for the intercessor in every ascent and descent the intercession, as it was said, would have disappeared.

A blessing worthy of You, from You to him that is an unceasingly and constantly renewed creation abundantly pouring out upon him and unimpaired peace which is this blessing in its flowing and its grace as befits him and on his Family, suns of the heaven on high and his Companions and their Followers and those who came after.

Oh Allah, truly he is Your secret encompassing all secrets and Your Light encompassing all lights and Your Guide who guides to You by You and the Leader of the Caravans who rides Your worlds to You and Your Supreme Veil raised up between Your Hands.

Thus for those who arrive, no one arrives other than to his invincible presence nor is any bewildered one guided other than by his shining light.

Oh Allah, connect me to his spiritual lineage, and ascertain me by his soaring degree and cause me to know him with real knowledge so that by it I witness his eternal pre-existence and I become his mirror by his love and his consent and so by his realisations and I am saved from the welling up of the springs of ignorance and I drink without stint from the overflowing springs of his reality.

… O Allah, make my absorption in him laudable and praiseworthy before You.

O Allah, make the Supreme Veil (Sayyidina Muhammad) the life of my spirit in unveiling and direct witnessing since the order is a mercy and a kindness from You.

Oh Allah, make his Spirit the Secret of my truth in taste and in state and his Truth the congruence of all my worlds in the confluence of my ways now and forever more.

Allah and His radiant angels send continuous blessings upon the sublime soul of the Prophet, o noble believers, so you as well should humbly and constantly request Divine Benediction for him, saluting him repeatedly with utmost love and respect. (33:56)

Oh Allah, blessings and peace from us on him the most gracious of blessings and the most perfect peace for truly we can not grasp his exalted degree nor do we comprehend that which befits him of respect and magnification.

Benedictions of Allah the Most High and His Peace and His Greetings and His Mercy and His Grace on Liege-lord Muhammad Your Bondsman and Your Prophet and Your Messenger, the Unlettered Prophet and on his Family and His Companions, peace, to the number of the even and the odd and the Complete and Blessed Words of our Lord and Sustainer.

Allaaah! Allaaah! Allaaah!


This post is shared in response to this email from a brother A. A., may Allah grant him success, about the Reality of the Prophet, sallalahu alayhi was sallam:

One of the main differences I have observed between the Spiritual orders / tareeqas & the neo-reformist ideologies is on the reality of our beloved Prophet sallalahu alayhis salam.

While the neo-reformist section claims that our prophet was no more than a human messenger who is no more & can no longer help people, the various tareeqas elevate our prophet & other awliyas to a different level.

True that the Quran has stated "Say not about the shaheed that they have died. Nay they are living & enjoying provisions with their lord". But I have heard quite often about the claims that our Prophet is Noor & that he was the first to be created & everything else was created from that Noor etc etc. That our Prophet can help people by the permission of Allah etc. They also attribute the "helping" nature or the power to recommend/pray for the awliyas also.

I wanted to know the truth behind this. Dear brother, do you have any material / talks / books which elucidate this?

So in reply to this above message, I have compiled this post from materials that Allah has made available to me. You may read the previous post related to this as an introduction: Preventing and Hindering People from the Path of God - Common Methods used in Our Time.

as-salatu wa-s-salamu alayka ya rasulullah
as-salatu wa-s-salamu alayka ya habiballah

Heartfelt and profound greetings to your sublime soul
O incomparable Prophet, O uniquely beloved one of Allah.

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Technology of the Heart: Haqiqat e Muhammadi - Reality of the Praiseworthy Master
Haqiqat e Muhammadi - Reality of the Praiseworthy Master
What is the Reality of Prophet Muhammad? Is he not a human being like ours? What does it mean that he is Nur of Allah? What does Quran and Hadith and God realized Awliyas say about his Haqiqat?
Technology of the Heart
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