Gaza Massacre and Conscience | there is no peace without justice and freedom

The code name of USA's 51st state, a.k.a. Israel's operation that has killed about 400 people (wounded nearly 2000) in Gaza, Palestine since 27 December and even today continually bombing the Gaza strip is called Operation Cast Lead, in reference to a Hanukkah poem by Israeli national poet Hayyim Nahman Bialik. The outrageous murder of human conscience is utterly depressive!

How on earth someone can bring Hanukkah reference (a sacred day in Jewish calendar) to murder in cold-blood hundreds of people including innocent civilians, women and children is unthinkable. Already Bethlehem is a city on siege by Israel driving out the Arab and native Christians in silent mass expulsion. Such total disregard for anything sacred (and what is more sacred than human lives?) reminds me of Khalil Gibran's Madman:

The Good God and the Evil God met on the mountain top. The Good God said, "Good day to you, brother." The Evil God made no answer. And the Good God said, "You are in a bad humour today."

"Yes," said the Evil God, "for of late I have been often mistaken for you, called by your name, and treated as if I were you, and it ill-pleases me."

And the Good God said, "But I too have been mistaken for you and called by your name."

The Evil God walked away cursing the stupidity of man.

What is Gaza Strip?

I don't blame you if you ask, what Gaza Strip is because the media is so utterly censored in this country from the major injustices and crime against humanity committed around many parts of the world. Just so you know, Gaza Strip is the world's largest concentration camp created by the state of Israel (some call it the world's largest open air prison). Gaza's reality shows a little glimpse of it.

Since 27th December, 2 days after the world celebrated the birth of the Prince of Peace, Israel used F-16 jet fighters and Apache helicopters, approximately 100 tonnes (110 short tons) of explosives to rain in to people of Gaza in the very holy land of Palestine. Close to 400 people have died including women and children and thousands are critically injured. They used the bunker buster bombs sold by US with the billions of dollar of tax payers money of ordinary US citizens and these are the bombs which were used on concentrated civilian areas in Gaza. Israel gets 3 billion dollar every year in aid from USA to buy weapons. During the Bush administration, from 2001 to 2005, Israel received $10.5 billion in Foreign Military Financing—the Pentagon's biggest military aid program—and $6.3 billion in U.S. arms deliveries. (credit)

Due to a nearly hermetic Israeli blockade already reduced the 365 sq km coastal territory into a real concentration camp. The cruel blockade hermetically seals the area, with its estimated 1.5 million human beings, from the rest of the world by a fence guarded by watchtowers, trigger-happy snipers, and tanks, with their big guns trained toward Gaza's population centers. There are people inside Gaza who have never been allowed to be out of the walls set by Israel more than decades. Israel also controls Gaza's coastal waters, airspace, border crossings as well as food, electricity, and fuel supplies. Nothing may get into or out of Gaza without an Israeli permission. The cruel siege, which many Palestinians and some foreign visitors are likening to the Ghetto Warsaw plight in 1943, has already caused catastrophic effects on every conceivable aspect of life in the Gaza Strip. (credit)

Whats been happening in the Gaza Strip, an occupied territory of Palestine by Israel is really depressing. AFP reported: "There was no space left in the morgue and bodies were piled up in the emergency room and in the corridors, as many of the wounded screamed in pain." Because of the U.S.-backed Israeli blockade and strangulation of the people of Gaza for the past 18 months there is little or no medicine to treat the wounded, electricity for hospitals, or food or clean water for much of the population.

So far close to 400 people are killed and thousands are injured. The medical facilities in Gaza can not cope any more. They have run out of medical supply and a recent boat carrying medical supply to Gaza was rammed by Israel.

This is NOT A WAR. A war is a reciprocal military interaction between two parties. This is an indiscriminate attack which has led to the deaths of scores of innocent civilians and particularly children. This is Massacre.

Where to know about the real situation?

Blessed are the Peace Makers, for they shall be called the Children of God. - Beatitudes of Christ

Know the true reality and be a peace maker, policy influencer and policy changer towards peace. And there can be no peace without justice and freedom.

Its our human obligation, as part of this human family to know about the suffering caused by injustice, specially when its done by those who we elect to represent us. The weapons sold and gifted to Israel comes from USA and by the money paid by US citizens who has nothing to do with Israel's unjust policy to Palestinians. The least you can do is to know the real truth and do your part to raise awareness and consciousness to stop this madness. It was through mass public awareness and protest that Vietnam war had to stop. Only when majority of American people know the real situation regarding Palestine and Israel, whats happening there for real, only then can they pressurize the US govt. to change their foreign policy and be a true broker of peace and not just an exporter of cluster bombs, F16s and encourager of more and more massacre.

Suffocated in their tiny strip of land, Gazans of Palestine are not allowed to travel, trade with the outside world, or even complain about the inhumane conditions imposed on them by Israel. Their painful narrative has never found its way to Western media, which has managed, to the determent of Western long term interests, to conceal the Palestinian narrative while amplifying the Israeli’s. (credit)

There are very few media in the west that reports honestly whats really happening. It is precisely because the same interest group that sells arms and ammunitions around the world, cluster bomb and f-16 and bunker busters are the same interest group that owns the media, runs it and pays for it.

Stop watching totally dishonest media such as CNN, MSNBC or Fox. They are filled with propaganda to the max. Following are couple of sources where you can watch objective and real news online, specially when it comes to issues that contradict the interest of corrupt power structures:

(One.) Al Jazeera English Service broadcast from Doha, Qatar (Watch free live stream online)
(Two.) Democracy Now broadcast from Washington, USA

. Al Jazeera English also have their youtube channel.

What can you do?

'The evil only exists because the good remain silent'

Sheila Musaji writes in her article, Inaction is a Choice: "You can contact your elected officials and tell them that you support the Palestinian right to freedom from occupation, demand and end to the blockade of humanitarian supplies to Gaza, demand International support for a just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, demand an immediate end to the violence, demand that the U.S. stop funding military aid to Israel - tell them what you think by going to the site putting in your zip code and sending a message."
>> Read details Inaction is a Choice.

And understand the history of Occupation of Palestine by the creation of Israel and its continuous violation of human rights, watch Occupation 101.

Know that there is no peace without justice. You can not treat people inhumanly and rob their human dignity and continuously violate human rights and at the same time talk about peace. Peace talk can not succeed from them who are not peaceful, who are arms dealer and don't understand what peace is.

May all wars STOP, may all injustice to all part of the world STOP. May the oppressors perish. Please keep the people of Palestine who are victim of this injustice in your prayers.

# Reference & Resources:

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. Picture Below: Palestinian loss of land since 1946 to 2000: Hostage and Refugee in own land

Thou shall not steal.
Thou shall not covet your neighbour’s house.
- Old Testament, The 10 Commandments

How about thou shall not covet your neighbour's land? Well, 'not coveting neighbour's house' actually implies that already I guess.

"It is precisely because we are Jews that we march with the Palestinians and raise their flag! It is precisely because we are Jews that we demand that the Palestinians people be returned to their homes and properties!" - Rabbi Mordechi Weberman



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Technology of the Heart: Gaza Massacre and Conscience | there is no peace without justice and freedom
Gaza Massacre and Conscience | there is no peace without justice and freedom
Technology of the Heart
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